Vapor Rush - Worlds First THC e-cig!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Kushy, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Kushy

    Kushy down

    You've seen an e-cig before and always wondered, could I smoke weed instead of nicotine out of that thing? Unfortunately it wasn't possible to use THC on an e-cig, but some biochemists created a liquid THC formula to use in a special e-cig called the Vapor Rush.

    A group of Los Angeles based scientists, biochemists and entrepreneurs put their heads together to develop the latest buzz in the pot world: Vapor Rush. This revolutionary product combines new electronic cigarette technology with a special formulation made from pure kief that comes from the best strains of marijuana. Vapor Rush is a new way to smoke bud that allows you to smoke anywhere without a lighter, smell, shake, smoke and unwanted attention.

    Jim, one of the developers of this product said “now I can get high while watching a game, at the office, or even on the plane.”

    The product can be purchased at your local dispensary for a low price of $100. Go to]Vapor Rush - Electronic Cigarette THC, Weed, Marijuana, Hash Oil for a list of dispensaries that carry Vapor Rush. Each kit comes with refill cartridges that are each good for over 100 hits. You can also enjoy three different varieties: haze, bliss and rush. These three types are taken from potent sativa and indica strains of cannabis. It is simple, safe, fun, and the hottest item in dispensaries!
    Thanks to claygooding for the E-Cig "menace" article which made me do some research on the Vapor Rush.
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  2. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

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  3. Pepe Silvia

    Pepe Silvia New Member

    Thing is badass!
  4. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    It is interesting, but I am partial to me Magic Flight Launch Box.
  5. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    I think this bouncer was telling me about this last night actually haha. That's too weird, but it sounds like a badass idea!! So you wouldn't have to go out and buy your own hash oil? It comes with it already in those cartridges?

    The guy said he took a hit and didn't feel anything until he walked outside, hit him like a brick wall ha.
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  6. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    But if you don't live in a state where you are allowed to self medicate how are you supposed to use it? Can you refill the cartidges with your own oil or what?
  7. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Nope, currently the only 2 places that sell this special THC cartridge is The Farmacy medical club in Venice, CA and HarborSide HealthCenter also in LA. But this thing only came out June 19th (6 days ago), so obviously as it becomes more popular more medical clubs will stock it. I'm afraid if you don't live in a medical states you'll just have to wait til it's legalized :/
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  8. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    That sucks! I'd love a mini vape like that. I guess I can just move. :D
  9. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    Harbor Side is not in LA but in Oakland. One of the better clubs in the area BTW; a little pricey at times. They do take credit cards though.
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  10. jakup

    jakup New Member

    A friend of mine went to our local dispensery and picked up some liquid white widow, it even said it on the little bottle haha. I had a few drops and it got me high as fuck. I wonder if thats what they use for that e-joint..
  11. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Well I am sure you would not be impartial to a campy alternative :) :p
  12. WhiteWidow420

    WhiteWidow420 New Member

    Damn, I think i'm going to move and get a card...
  13. coldmack

    coldmack New Member

    Where can I get the non-thc model in Los Angeles? That way I get to use my own flavor of hash oil. How long does the battery life last? I have the O2 Xhale model from 7-11 and the battery life is crap.
  14. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    E-cig knock offs being sold in 7-11's?

    Jeez what CANT you guys buy at grocery stores....
  15. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    These things don't work with hash oil. Instead it's used with a glycerin based extract that does come in several different strains.
  16. coldmack

    coldmack New Member

    Really? What would be the issue with hash oil? Will it not get hot enough to vaporize?

    Other than the poor battery life the e-cig(I have the hookah model) is a decent device for 20 bucks. But, this doesn't really answer the question of where can I get this model, or something better than what I have at a local shop?
  17. Kushy

    Kushy down

    I didn't know pot could be dissolved in glycerin? Or maybe it's not as efficient as alcohol or oil, but it still works? Anyone know about if it's possible to do yourself?
  18. maryjanetelevision

    maryjanetelevision New Member

    Vape-pen is better

    These have nicotine added to so good. A friend turned me on to a Vape Pen 3 months ago, no nicotine just the green extract. I love it! It's also a cooler design. Totally looks like a pen, can use it anywhere. The best was going to see Despicable Me, vapin up during the previews and man it was a great way to watch the movie...sooooo goood! I pick up my refills at 99 High Art Collective they are way cool. I understand they are in other places around town as well.:D
  19. maryjanetelevision

    maryjanetelevision New Member

    99 High Art Collective in Venice carries the Vape-Pen, these use pre-filled cannabis cartridges.
  20. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Apparently it can be done, they are called glycerine tinctures... I was suprised when I heard it too... apparently they are quite good for the E-cig style of vaporization.

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