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    Anybody have any experience with the new vaporBLUNT? I'm looking for a new vape to replace my old iolite, and right now I'm between this vaporblunt and the Vapir No2. I've read and watched reviews and both seem to be great vapes, but does anybody know of any difficulties or cons that I should know about?
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    The Vapor Blunt is overpriced and the the vapor purists at have declared it a loser, compared to the competition. Instead I would look at the Thermovape for this type of vape. Better yet, read on.

    The Vapir NO2 is both loved and hated. It's the best of the Vapir products (only one with a warranty longer than 90 days), and if you're interested in this one I'd suggest that you consider getting it on, where it sells for only $114 delivered from at least one vendor. You may have a warranty issue if you buy that cheap though, but the regular price of $180 is more than I'd pay. This model is also a little large for my tastes. I'm more interested in a pocket portable. For a larger portable I'd probably go with the Arizer Solo instead of the Vapir.

    IMO the best option to the iolite or WISPR is the new DaVinci vape, from the makers of the Karma e-cig.

    I've been using one for almost a week now, and it's by far the best all around portable I've used. The fit and finish are top rate. It's easy to use. The lithium ion batteries provide a very decent vaping time compared to the Magic Flight and Thermovape. Hits are nice and thick with good taste, at least IMO. 2 year warranty. What sets this apart from other stealth portables in this price range are variable temp settings with digital control, small size (fits in pretty much any pocket), and the fact that they supply two 'oil cans' so it can be used with liquids/concentrates, including essential oils. With a clean vape, an oil can and a container of essential oil, this is a legit portable aromatherapy device that should be able to easily pass a law enforcement inspection.

    I've been using the iolite/wispr, and Magic Flight vapes for my portable needs, but this new DV will retire my butane powered vapes and the MF will get only minimal use from now on. IMO it's a real winner.
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    are you talking about the new vapor blunt? cause the new one looks bad ass. anyone use it?

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