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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by sheckles, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. sheckles

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    Everyone who has a VaporGenie has found that sweet spot that gives you the most vape per hit, or knows of a few tricks to make sure the Genie stays at the right temperature, so let's hear some of yours!

    This is for people who have just gotten their VaporGenie and are wondering how to use it most effectively, or for people thinking about buying one.

    My personal technique:

    Turn the Genie completely upside down, so the bowl is pointing at the floor.
    Put the lighter under the bowl and light it in the Genie.
    Draw fast as ALL the heat from the lighter's flame is going up into the bowl, and it gets hot quickly.
    After a few seconds, gradually start to move the Genie upwards, but still over the flame... this makes sure the Genie doesn't get too hot and burn.

    That's how I do it, I'm interested in learning some of your techniques (just got the Genie on Tuesday, and am still experimenting to find the absolute PERFECT spot).
  2. imported_Defwer

    imported_Defwer New Member

    dude im on day 2 and with thumb pinchs of weed this vaporgenie gets u stoned !!

    sweet spot hold the flame more into it, and slowly inhale until u can taste that popcorn feeling or sometimes i know when im doing it right i inhale so much vapor u cant even tell cause its not as dense as smoking i inhaled so much i blew smoke out my nsoe while inhaling and seriously the coughs are evil so i know im baked now lol
  3. imported_Defwer

    imported_Defwer New Member

    omfg this vaporgenie is the best product ever for portable vaporizer and replacable and better off than a bowl and glass bowls go for around the same price a vaporgenie goes for lol now i think i can actually see my self conserving an 8th of weed through the WEEK, as opposed every other day buying a fresh new bags, the amount of weed it takes to get toasty lol omfg i dunno about you but the coughs are just as evil a blunt hit , its all about the way you light your genie up and i perfer to inhale slow til i burst out exhaling lol , if i was ever thinking of stopping this just rebounded to continue my adventures in pot omfg

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