Vaporizer Burning throat before use?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mikeyboii, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Mikeyboii

    Mikeyboii New Member

    Hello Guys!

    I just bought my first Vaporizer. Its the little black box with a whip and its digital.

    I set it to 185 [Which I believe is the optimal setting for smoking weed].

    My problem, is that once I let it heat up. I place my whip with the weed and suck while its attached then suck. Is this wrong?

    Anyways, while i suck. once I start to suck. My throat burns like screaming agony.

    No idea why its happening.

    However, if I set it to 150-160 I get a tiny bit of steam/smoke.

    Not sure whats happening. can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


    I attach whip then inhale, burns throat. Is this wrong?
    is it normal to have smoke coming from weed for 150-160 setting
    is it normal for vaporizer to burn throat extremely badly?
  2. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

    When you 1st get a new vaporizor the heating element may be coated with some light oil.You should allow it to heat up as hot as it will go for about 20 mins. before 1st use to allow this to burn off.
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  3. Mikeyboii

    Mikeyboii New Member

    Had no idea about that, Thankyou. Will try.

    When sucking, should the whip still be attached?
  4. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

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  5. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    you have to be more specific than little black box. Box vapes can range from cheap china made clones with questionable material to high end vaporizers like the vapor brothers (although vb's are analog so already we know it isn't a vapor brothers)
  6. Mikeyboii

    Mikeyboii New Member

    It's a 60$ Easy vape I bought from eBay. Definetly a cheapo from china.

    Is it really bad to use?
    If I put it at 157, its quite cool but I get some minor steam. But I'm not getting high :p
  7. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    I used to have an easy vape, I was suspicious of it so I picked up a vapor brothers. Great purchase
  8. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I'm betting you have a cheap digital box, which means the display numbers are meaningless except for a reference point. You may well be getting high temp vapor, which is quite harsh. Find the low end of the vapor range on your unit, and just move the temp up until you get good vapor that isn't harsh. And you don't smoke from a vaporizer, you vape. Smoke means combustion, which you never want when vaping. ;)

    I've been buying and using vapes for years, and never encountered this or even heard of it before. I think your info is bogus. No brand name vape that doesn't have a plastic housing needs a burn in before use IMO. No decent vape maker is going to coat the element with anything. It serves no purpose whatsoever, and wouldn't account for harsh vapor at any rate.
  9. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    When there's an exposed coil in the unit which may or may not be common in Chinese vaporizers depending on the type of vaporizer you buy, they use something called a primer consisting mostly of propylene glycol which isn't harmful but taste terrible and should be burned off prior to actually inhaling from the unit. I've actually read that some vaporizers need to be heated up to get the foul taste and smell out of the unit. The higher quality vaporizers don't have an exposed coil but a heating element so not quite as bad but should still be heated up to clear any manufacturing residue from the element and surrounding structure.

    When I bought an electric stove, I had to turn on all burners so the whatever it's called would burn off and smoke came from the elements as they were heating up. I think the coating was to prevent rust or something.

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