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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by KillerBong420, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. KillerBong420

    KillerBong420 New Member

    Has anyone used that new vaporizer pipe? I found it on and it looks really awesome. I saw two there, like a digital one and a wooden one, but I cannot afford the digital one. Does it work well? Does it at least sound plausible to you experienced stoners?

    Also, I'm 15. I've been going to this 23-year-old's house like, two to three times a week to get high and smoking usually his weed, eating his food, playing his games, using his bong, and riding in his car. Would it be appropriate payback for me to buy him a vaporizer pipe? I've talked to him and I know he wants one, but he wanted the digital one. Although, he also told me he can't afford it. Well, neither can I. The digital one's around $120, and the wood one is about $50. So should I buy it for him (wooden one) or would that be creepy and kind of overkill?
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  2. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    If the 'wood pipe" you're referring to is the Vapor Genie then yes, it's tried and true. It's a wee bit temperamental but I like mine a lot.
    You should check out the VaporStar as well. carries them and they get rave reviews within their use category (likewise the VGenie).
    Kudos on you KBong for thinking of your mate. You made my day...:cool:
  3. KillerBong420

    KillerBong420 New Member

    Indeedy I am talking about the Vapor Genie! I'd forgotten it's actual name. I will definitely go check out the Star also.

    AHWWW, thank you so much. Making your day made mine. :)
  4. leprechaunstoner

    leprechaunstoner New Member

    I would highly recommend the Vapor Genie as well. Like Sterbo said it can be temperamental but after using it once or twice you should be able to get the hang of it. I also would not consider getting your friend that piece overkill, I let a bud of mine borrow a piece to keep in his room for a while and it worked out well because we smoked up in his apartment usually anyways.

    Also if you've never vaped before... get ready for a good time : )
  5. Vapist

    Vapist New Member

    If you're 15 and he's 23 and he is wining and dining you with weed, food, and other things - I would make sure you put a chastity belt on. Something sounds a little freaky with this picture. Are you sure this guy is not a pedophile? He may end up drugging your drink, and then you'll wake up with your ass hurting.
  6. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    its entirely possible that they are just two people chillin and hangin sure if there was somethin wierd like that goin on Killerbong would know.

    and yah man go for the vapor genie, id be psyched if a friend of mine bought me that.
  7. KillerBong420

    KillerBong420 New Member

    No worries Vapist, I only go to his house with other people around firstly, and second, he's engaged. I've talked to him in depth about cheating and things of that nature, and he has incredibly strong beliefs in monogamy. I met him through a friend at school that met him through work and common interest. He's really a harmless guy. I am absolutely sure he is not a pedophile.
  8. TheQuestionMark

    TheQuestionMark Sr. Member

    sounds like a good idea KBong. let us know how the pipe works out

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