Vaporizer vs. Bong

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Iwasfn47, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Iwasfn47

    Iwasfn47 New Member

    I'm saving up for one or the other, but don't really have much experiance with vapez.

    I guess I'm just asking what one do you prefer and why. Pro's and con's of each, and what one you think is better for someone who would be smoking out of it anywhere from 5-10 times a week.
  2. Knobley

    Knobley New Member

    I don't have to much experience with a vapo, having only tried it once. It was a little different than a normal 'smoking' high, I though, seemingly sharper, but I feel like I came down quicker. Who knows, though.

    And I honestly can't say too much against bongs, not too many cons there. Besides that bong water is disgusting. Bongs seem to be generally cheaper than vapos (unless you plan on buying a 500$ RooR or something), I got my current bong for 40$, the bowl cost 20$, and it's amazing.

    So I guess I'd recommend a bong over a vapo, but I know that some people on the boards will swear by vaporizing, so wait for them to speak up.
  3. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    I have a bong and I got my Vapor Warez last week.

    I like the vape because is uses a fraction of the weed I would normally smoke. I can get a great amount of vapor from .04 grams of kind bud. My buddy had some mids, I told him to try vaping them and he said it was great.

    The taste is pure. The weed tastes great all the way through. There is no ash or tar to funk up the taste. The high is very cerebral.

    Vaping is much healthier for you. The amount of potentially dangerous chemicals is very low or not even present. I have noticed that I hardly have any phlegm to cough up. I think a bong will eat your weed were as a vape would help you conserve more. Check out the vapor cannon vapor warez on ebay.
  4. Auximenies

    Auximenies New Member


    Having owned all manner of smoking devices (see about half way down for my pictures of the cheebs room) I have to admit nothing comes close to vaping, simply put in the long run and short run, it's saving you money.

    With pipes / bongs / blunts / joints etc etc you burn the pot into ash, unusable ash.

    With vaporizers you vaporize the active ingredients and are left with what resembles almost coffee grounds, with this you can then cook with it, or make hash oil, essentially getting every last part out of it.

    Vaporizers don't have to be a 500 dollar experience, things such as the Vaporstar or similar products are all a great starting point, my Vaporstar often accompanies me to friends houses and they too have purchased them.

    You also get more for your marijuana when you vape, you can re-vape over and over again until nothings coming out, whereas when you burn it, you risk losing some as smoke or just not being able to extract as much as you possibly can.

    My vote goes towards a vaporizer (obviously) BUT at the end of the day I'm really glad for the time I spent with pipes and bongs it gave me something to compare too.

    As to what gets you higher, I think that's mostly subjective, the general consensus with burning marijuana is that it's seemingly the lack of oxygen and high levels of toxins that lead to the full face rush etc, my feelings are similar I find with vaporizing I have a 'clear' high where I can still be off my gourd but function, I get incredibly creative and have energy to do things.

    Vaporizers and bongs run about the same price if you hunt around and don't jump at a several hundred dollar volcano or similar. They're almost the same price between a half decent bong and a vaporizer.

    I know I said vaporizer a lot, but I'm off my gourd.

    Good luck with your purchase, whatever it is!

  5. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    This thread would have been more appropriate in 'vaporizers' or 'water pipes' and may yet get moved, but anyway....

    Vern and Aux have the differences well covered, but just to stress the point, vaporizing should be compared to smoking in general, whether it's a bong or a joint. Any differences between one smoking method and another are minor compared to the difference between smoke and vapor. Imagine if you could get pretty much the same high from breathing fresh mountain air as from sucking on the exhaust pipe of a '65 Mustang. Sure the Mustang is a cool classic car, but other than that I think most people would opt for the mountain air. While vapor is not equal to fresh air healthwise, it beats the hell out of smoke. You get a ton less carbon monoxide, making for less poison gas in your lungs and mostly eliminating the sleep inducing effect of that gas. Other poisons, like benzene (a cancer causing industrial solvent), toluene (a solvent used on paints and glues), and naphthalene (primary ingredient of mothballs) are completely eliminated if the vaping temp is kept low (around 365F). Vapor, aside from obviously being a healthier way to ingest THC, also makes for a more energetic high, since the toxins you avoid have, as their primary effect, a major contribution to the couchlock type lethargy associated with the mj high. Because of this difference in the high, some people conclude that vapor doesn't get you as high as smoking. And I guess that's true if you consider carbon monoxide and its buddies to be a 'high'.

    The chemical compounds in mj smoke are not nearly as dangerous as those found (additionally) in tobacco smoke, but if you're already smoking cigs, or concerned about your lung health or breathing capacity, you may want to give vaping a good try. When a young guy like Vern can tell a difference in phlegm production, that says something. I quit cigs many years ago, but just the smoke from mj was bothering me enough to make me want to quit. When I started vaping it gave me a whole new lease on the high life. :)
  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Pros: huge rush & quick high
    Cons: burns up stash quickly, hard on throat & lungs, toxins

    Pros: conserves stash, easy on lungs & throat, few toxins, great cerebral high
    Cons: requires power source, it's hard to tell when a load is "done"

    If you use marijuana to put you in the right frame of mind to go to sleep, a vape is not the best way to do it, especially if the weed is Sativa or a high-Sativa hybrid.
  7. Iwasfn47

    Iwasfn47 New Member

    I'm gonna admit, I'm really a vape noob. I've only smoked out of a vape once, and I was already high from smoking, and I don't think it was a very nice one to be truthful. I don't really understand how/why vaping conserves so much bud. How much does it usually conserve? Like say I load 2 grinded bowls into a bong during a sess, it should weigh about .6 grams I think, and we'd get any where from 12-16(or 3-4 for 3 people each) rips big rips out of the bud unless people were really milking it. How much more would I get out of vaping?
  8. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    I put .04 grams into my warez and get anywhere from 10-20 hits, depending on how hard I pull and the temp, etc. .6 would last me about a week in my vape, getting high a couple times a day.
  9. Zaireeka

    Zaireeka New Member

    Damn, vern beat me to it! If that's the amount you guys use for a bong between 3-4 people, using about half of that in a vape would probably make you see stars.
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    In my experience, an oz goes twice as far as it would if I'd smoked it in joints. When I vaped mids, I'd do 0.3 grams a night, so an oz would last three months.

    I recently got some new, very potent, bud and decided to figure out how much of it I'd have to vape to get high. I couldn't. My scales only go down to 0.1 grams. I ground up a small bud and dropped it on the scales. It wouldn't even register 0.1 grams and it was enough weed to make three loads for the vape. Each load would be enough to get me high twice.

    If I can get high six times on 0.1 grams, that means I could get high 1700 times on an oz. If I get high once a day, that ounce would last 4.66 years.

    I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's what it looks like from current data. Vern's results seem to support it. With his figures, he could get high 660 times on an ounce. I've thought about getting scales with a resolution down to a centigram or a five milligrams, but I don't want to spend $60 or more just for this experiment.
  11. Zaireeka

    Zaireeka New Member

    It's not like you haven't saved the money by vaping instead of smoking

  12. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    bongs are straight forward nice and easy to use, with a vape you have to wait for it to warm up, but than again a vape has a better taste on average, and their both hard to bring from one place to another, if you have to worry about parents get a bubbler, if not than either one would be excellent, and vapes are usualy pretty expensive
  13. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    I turn on my vaporizer, grab my weed, weigh out my amount, grind it, put it in the whip and by that time it's ready. I'd say 2-3 minutes for warm up. I got my vaporizer (with grinder, scale, incense) for $140 compared to some bongs. It pays for it self with how much you conserve with it. I'm not saying a vaporizer is superior to a bong. In my case, I like a vape over a bong. But you should figure out what will suit your needs best.
  14. Iwasfn47

    Iwasfn47 New Member

    Thanks a lot for your help guys. After doing some more research on my own I think I'm gonna go ahead and get a vape. It just seems like the smarter thing to do, seeing as how much bud I smoke right now. I'm thinking I can get a pretty decent one in the $150 range hopefully, which is smarter for me right now since most the bongs I was looking at were about $250+. I'll probably get it a little after christmas as a late gift to myself :)
  15. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    AS the the amount you'd conserve....My experience is slightly different. I vape many times a day (5-6) probably, and on average, the wife and I EACH use about .5 grams a day. Granted, that figure can go up or down a bit, but thats about average. About 1/4 a week (of good weed, now that we can get it)....a gram a day. Granted, there is often a bowl or 3 smoked out of that quarter, but PRIMARILY vaping, a 1/4 still lasts on a week. Keep in mind however, at one point, OZ's of brickweed lasted a week too, before we got the vape. How long would a brickweed oz last me now? No clue.....haven't bought one since I got the vaporizer.
  16. heyman421

    heyman421 New Member

    I just stumbled across this thread, and if anyone in the future is searching through the forum and finds this thread, i want to encourage you to get a vaporizer.

    I got a $35 glass pipe called a 'vapor bat' from my local head shop. It's the same one available on the internet.

    It's advertised to be used in the car, with a heat-element type car cigarette lighter.

    I got it, and haev been using it with a butane lighter (traditional non-adjustable bic)

    I simply use a grinder to prepare my product, pack it in, slide the pipe into it's most extended position, and hold the lighter in front, as if i were lighting it like a cigarette.

    I SLOWLY inhale, so that the flame just barely touches the tube (doesn't actually enter the tube) so that some condensation forms on the tube (so i know the heat is entering the tube) i take two slow inhalations, and the effect is much stronger (read: noticeable immediately!!) than two bong rips, and the amount i packed into the pipe is less than 1/2 of what i'd pack in my bong, and 1/2 of it's still green!

    The effects seem to fade faster than from the bong, but it's a much more INTENSE effect, causing me to smile uncontrollably and laugh for no reason (and i'm by myself...)

    I'm in love! This pipe was $35+ tax, requires NO warmup time, and fits in your pocket.

    Amazing, amazing experience.
  17. iamzetaco

    iamzetaco New Member

    I think that a vaporizer is beter because with a vaporizer the hit is les harsh and the taste is much beter but you hav 2 admit that evry 1 LOVES a good bong and pesonly I wold take a bong over a vaporizer 6 out of 10 times plus the satisfacktion of a nice big hit of a bong and seing the smoke pour out of your mouth is like no other.
  18. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Neither is "better". It's comparing apples and oranges. Each has it's value and which you prefer is a matter of taste. I think the advantages and disadvantages of each have been well documented in this thread. I have little use for a bong. I'm sure others have little use for a vape.
  19. friend.of.the.devil

    friend.of.the.devil New Member

    I completely disagree with the majority of these posts.
    It depends what your looking for, if your worried about your health and your lungs I would recommend a vape, but not a cheap one, no matter how cheap it is a higher quality one is always worth it in the long run especially if you smoke a lot.
    From my experience, I'll admit I've smoked more bongs, vapes tend to make me super sleepy but I don;t feel as baked no matter how much I vaporize and I've even been lucky enough to use my dealers volcano, with some very very very high quality buds from Vancouver. Bongs also tend to be on the cheaper side so my recommendation would be a bong with percolators.
  20. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I think you disagree due to your inexperience with vaporizing. I've been using vapes for quite a few a few years, like many others, and not getting as high from a vape is a common complaint from smokers, especially those who use bongs. You don't feel as high from vapor because you mistake some of the effects from smoke byproducts for cannabis effects. Personally, I can get a lot higher from vapor than smoke, just because I can get a lot more cannabis compounds with vapor, since it's more efficient than smoking, and my lungs can only take so much smoke before I have to stop. It's strange that you feel like vapor makes you more sleepy than smoking, since with smoke you get sedative compounds like carbon monoxide, benzene, hydrogen cyanide, etc., which are either completely missing from vapor, or present in much smaller amounts. There are also a few sedative type cannabinoids that release at very high temps with vapor or with smoke, that a lot of people don't get when they vape. The vast majority of vaporists get a more energetic high from vapor. It leaves you with much more 'get up and go' than smoke. I always feel like smoking sucks the life out of me if I want to do anything but vegetate.

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