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    I only smoke a few times a week. I didn't smoke for a full month, then smoked Dec 8-14. Then stopped until January 19-21. During the 19-21 I only smoked a half 8th, and I smoked it out of a vapor brothers vaporizer. Does using a vaporizer increase, decrease, or not affect your detection time? I know it makes the cannabis more potent, but less tar is involved, and it won't stick to your lungs as much. It's been 18 days since I had that 3 day vapor binge, and I have a immunoassay screening test tomorrow. I haven't been working out much except for singing in a band(sweating a lot) and having sex about 5 times a week. The past 3 days I have been eating a lot of meat and high fat food.

    First question, does vaporizer increase, decrease, or not affect detection time?
    Second I passed an at home First Check drug test with a faint line in the negative spot, but wasn't first void. I have another test to check tomorrow morning. 5'10, 155 lbs, skinny build. Do I have a chance to pass? I'm going to dilute a little bit tomorrow.

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    No. Detection times are the same, regardless of intake method.

    Because each persons body chemistry is different, a home test with the first mornings void would tell a more accurate story than any crystal ball would.
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    Took a test with my first void and the negative line was actually darker than before. I ended up not even having to take the test, but I know I would have passed if I had to. Thanks for the help.

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