Vaporizers users, your Throat ?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by julie jen, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    I love smoking pot but the pain\irritation that causes in my throat is something i cannot afford, because i need my voice to be health.

    I tried making a tea of cannabis, but it is like taking sleeping pills, not at all the same high i can get from smoking !

    I want to keep pot in my life but not the harm to my throat.

    Does any of you notice if using a Vaporizor for inhaling weed does in fact save the throat from annoying irritation\pain sensations ?

    Thank you all so much and have a wonderfull weed week ! :wave:
  2. vladimir

    vladimir Sr. Member

    if you take a vaporizer hit correctly, you dont even feel it. just a slight aftertaste.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If you use a vaporizer properly it won't affect your throat at all. If you put too much weed in the unit at one time you can produce very dense vapors that will make you cough. I don't know if that would hurt your throat, though.
  4. doctor_ugs

    doctor_ugs New Member

    great comment and point buzzby

    its an important thing to keep in mind.
  5. seattle_misfit

    seattle_misfit New Member

    <3 my vaporizer

    I hope that my post helps you as far as your decisition here goes...

    I purchased a Vaporbrothers vaporizer a little under a year ago. It cost $150, and I couldn't be happier. I know exactly how it feels to have your lungs and throat hurt after heavy sessions of smoking. I get this feeling at least once a month, and it is then that I switch over to my trusty vaporizer.

    I would compare smoking to a vaporizer like walking on gravel with shoes off and then on. The difference is huge. When I "smoke" with my vaporizer for just a few days, all lung and throat problems cease. The smooth vapor doesn't irritate my lungs nor irritate my throat. In fact, the vaporizer is a perfect method of using weed when you have a sore throat. It's soothing.

    If you do plan on getting one, PLEASE stay away from the lightbulb vaporizers. These vaporizers waste your pot, make the pot taste like burnt popcorn, and just dont get you very high. I would sugguest the Vapor Brothers vaporizer or the Volcano. The Volcano is the ultimate for vaporizers, and with a price tag of $500+ I would sure hope so. You can pick up a vapor brothers vaporizer anywhere from $120-$150 on eBay. I purchased mine at my local headshop.

    The high from it is amazing. It lasts a good 3 hours and is a very pleasurable high. Makes ya feel all nice inside.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. I love seeing more and more people trying vaporizers. I am very happy with my decision to get one, and my lungs and throat are also very happy.

  6. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Thank you everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Seattle_mistif
    Thank you so much for your suggestions of brand and describing the distinctions. You sound so sweet.
    Hey, i am so happy to know that i dont have to give up pot, in order to protect my throat. I loooooooooove being a pot head, just goes well with my artistic dreaming destracted personaltiy.

    Now, i can look in the mirror and say, Julie Jen well comeback to your high culture love affair with wonderful weed inhaling relaxation !

    Dear Buzzby, i hear you "not too much weed". Thank you for the saving clue.

    Vladimir what do you mean, when you say, " if you take a vaporizer hit correctly "

    Over all you guys have been great ! I have never been to a site with so many respectable people and sweet loving persons.

    I got a theory that argues that if more people smoked pot, the world would be a much better place. Who would wanna fight after getting high ? No one right ?
    What do you fell like doing after smoking pot ?
    Listening to music
    Love Making
    Socialising with loving friends.

    I think the george bush administration and bush hinself should smoke a joint, be happy for change :wave: !
  7. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Anything hot can irritate your throat but the irritation from a vaporizer is much less than from smoke. :)
  8. RL in IL

    RL in IL New Member

    Vrip Vaporizer with cooling action

    I would like to add that it does matter what type of weed is in the vaporizer.

    The more vapor you have to inhale, to achieve your desired effects, the more heated air and steam your throat is exposed to. If you only need to take a few lungfuls of vapor in a day, obviously the throat is exposed to less of it.

    If you cannot get higher quality weed, then I have found the Vrip Vaporizer to possess an extra quality I haven't seen in other vaporizers. You can attatch it to a water pipe (either theirs, or your own standard bong), and have the vapor cooled through water and ice.

    If you're shopping for vaporizers, search for Vrip Tech 's Vripmaster and do a comparison. It really is the most customizable versatile vaporizing technique out there, and also the least conspicuous..
  9. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Weed Lovers !!!!

    I got a vaporizer, so now what shall do i do ? Shall i put lots of water ? The instructions does not mention water but the sales girl recomended. How long should i wait for to get the vapor ? I am not sure i am doing the right thing.

    I searched for Vrip tech vaporizers and vaporbrothers i found neither.

    I also found vaporizers that costed 300 and 1000.00 well i was only willing to spend 100.00 no more. So that is what i got a cheap 100.00 vaporizer. Well to me 100 is lots of money.

    Can you experts weed lovers, share with me how you make your vaporizer work its best ?

    Thank you so much !
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    What kind of vaporizer did you get? Name and description?
  11. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Buzzby

    Thank you Buzzby

    The brand is called High Times and i do not have vocabulary to describe the vaporizer i got. I tried inserting a picture here but the site does not allow. It is small compered to what i saw in the store.

    I notice the high was very low, almost nothing.
    If you send me your an email i could then send the pictures i took of the vaporizer High Times it to you.
    Thank you so much for your time and generosity.

    Julie Jen.
  12. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Buzzby

    Dear Buzzby,I will try describing my vaporizer, here we go.
    Can you imagem a regular cup made of still, inside it has a small flat container.The cup of still can be closed by a cup made of glass. Also it has a connection to the wall.
    This is what my vaporizer looks like.
    Maybe i made a mistake and got not a good one. Or i am not using it right.
    However i shall try to send you the pictures to night.
    Thank you so much for sending me your email.
    julie jen.
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    No need to send pictures. What you've got is a fairly standard conduction-type vaporizer.

    1) To use it, clean some bud and break it up as fine as you can. A blade-type coffee grinder, if you've got one, is a good approach. Because it's a conduction vape, only the weed that's in direct contact with the heated plate will actually get vaped.

    2) Set a temperature using the temperature control knob. This is pretty much a trial-and-error proposition until you find the right temp. This is a bit of a balancing act. Too cool and you won't get any vapor or an inefficient extraction. Too hot and the weed will begin to combust rather than vaporize.

    3) When the heating element is up to temp (give it 5 - 10 minutes) put a thin layer of weed on the element and close up the globe.

    4) In a little while you will see white vapor in the globe. Suck it up! When vapor is no longer being produced, take another few drags because it will get thinner to the point where it's invisible.

    5) You're not done yet. Because it's a conduction vaporizer, only the weed that's directly in contact with the heating plate or very close to it will reach the vaporization temperature. Open the globe, stir the charge around, and go again. Repeat starting at step #4 until all the weed is a light to medium brown color.
  14. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Buzzby

    Dear Buzzby

    First thank you so much for your time.

    So how does it produces vapor without water ? You mean i do not need to add water ?

    This Vaporizer i got sound complicated and last night it proved itself useless and has not temperature control. Yesterday i just felt irritated because i wanted to get high but nothing came out of it. So i just smoked my joint. My friends were laughing at me, because i spent 100 to save my throat and then back again to poin zero. I am thinking about returning it to get my money back.

    Is there a easier vaporizer mode operandes ? You guys seem to have a language that i am lacking to describe the kind of vaporizer i need. It should not be complicated.

    You know i just want to get high, not paying lots of attention to a maybe misterious scientific experiemt. The right temperature or momento to put my grass.

    Thank you again and again !! What do you think, should i return it ? Are there better alternatives of vaporizers ?
  15. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If you can take it back, do so. $100 was too much to pay for that kind of device and it doesn't seem to work for you.

    For $30 more you can get a VaporBrothers vaporizer, including shipping and handling. Look for it on eBay. I got mine from a seller called "fastship!!" and I can vouch for their service.

    This machine is a convection vaporizer, rather than a conduction vaporizer. What it does is heat air to the proper temperature to vaporize cannabinoids. You suck the air through a hose on the end of which is a glass device (the "whip") which holds a charge of weed against a screen. The warmed air passes through the weed, vaporizing the cannabinoids and carrying them to your lungs.

    The vapors you want are not water vapors. They're THC and other cannabinoids converted to a gaseous state by air that is above their vaporization temperature.

    While the initial cost of a vaporizer may be daunting, it's well worth it. The high is better and it's much easier on your throat and lungs. On top of that, it actually saves you money. You'll find that you need half the weed to get the same level of high.
  16. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Buzzby

    Dear Buzzby you are such a nice guy !

    I decided that i will return the vaporizer and get a water bong instead. If you do in fact know something about water bong. Could you please give me some clues, so i dont waist more of my time going to the store.

    Given in Montreal there are no VaporBrothers.

    I will get a water bong because, i read in a thread discussing vocal health/weed issues that water bong is healthier to my vocals/throat.

    What is the best material made water bong any clues ? Is there a brand you recomend ?

    Eventualy i want to get a VaporBrothers but i dont want to wait a week to smoke pot waiting for the post office. Plus i think i am addicted to weed.
    Thank you so much for your time and generosity !
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I can't tell you about the costs/benefits of using a bong. When I used them and when I observe people using them it is common to take a hit and then attempt to cough up a lung because of the irritation from the concentrated smoke. After the extended coughing fit my lungs and throat would hurt for a long time.

    I see bongs as a way to get a big rush by getting a huge load of THC into your body in one hit. I don't value that. I'd rather get high more slowly and spare my throat and lungs the trauma. I'm looking for the high that lasts for hours, not the rush that lasts for minutes.

    It's your money. If I was on a tight budget, as you seem to be, I'd get the vaporizer. You can use your current smoking method for a week. In the long run the vape is going to be much better for your health.
  18. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Buzzby

    I have been calling the stores in Montreal informing myself about water bong and vaporizers.

    Here what they said, you are absolutely right, water bong is very bad for the throat and is gonne harm me much more.
    In fact many people told me that yesterday,''water bong hurts the throat much more ''

    One store owner told me that any vaporizer made of Alluminon or Iron or Metal, or Plastic will potentialy hurt your throat as well. He said that he had tried many vaporizers and he was not impressed. He was nice not to jump in to get my cash instead gave me good advices.
    Dear Buzzby
    He said that HTC hurst and irritates the throat that is no doubt about it. He also said that he found a vaporizer in the internet called Vapolution.
    Have you heard of vapolution ? He said it is made of glass therefore it would be less harmfull to my vocals.
  19. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    There's nothing special about the vapolution vaporizer. I looked at their website and found it full of false claims about the problems and dangers of other company's products, which makes me doubt their claims about their own.

    In the VaporBrothers machine, the heating element is sealed in glass, the whip is glass, the screen is stainless steel, the mouthpiece is glass, and the flexible tube is FDA-approved food-grade plastic. At the low temperatures used, there is no danger that the plastic is going to out-gas.

    I have no connection with the VB company. The only reason I'm promoting their machine is because it's the one I use and about which I have the most knowledge. There may be other machines that work even better - I've just never tried one. I have tried the Volcano machine ($500) and found that it doesn't get me any higher or save more weed. In my limited experience, the VB is the most bang for the buck.
  20. julie jen

    julie jen New Member

    Dear Buzzby

    Dear Buzzby

    You are very convincing, therefore i wont argue anymore. If Vapor Brothers is made of glass then what is the diference, right ? I trust you.

    Thank you so much !

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