Vaporizing causes me dry throat and cough

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mars1977, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Mars1977

    Mars1977 New Member

    Smoking does not!

    Interesting hey?
  2. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I've used a vape or two that delivers too much air per hit, and dry throat, so I passed on those. Vapor doesn't make me cough, although some do have a problem with it. Smoking tastes nasty and hurts my lungs. I don't like the smoke high either.

    You enjoy your smoke and I'll enjoy my vapor. ;)
  3. Mars1977

    Mars1977 New Member

    The coughing has stopped now that I don't take it down so deep in the lungs as suggested. Maybe I just need to get use to the MFLB or maybe its unrelated.

    I recommend a liquid drink like water to sip on each time you take a hit. That will help re-moisten the dry areas.

    As for cough I heard its the heat of the vapor that's irritating the lungs which causes that kind of gag response in the lungs. That's your lungs basically saying "get this out of here ".

    Does anybody know what effects Marijuana vapor has on the lungs and body in comparison to smoke. In a clinical setting how much healthier is vapor or smoke.

    5drive, I prefer my vapor too. It was just an interesting observation I made. I think I bought it up a long while ago and got put in the red because some people didn't agree with the facts I presented.
  4. Mars1977

    Mars1977 New Member

    Sorry I need to clarify. My bad, smoking is noticeably harder, however vaporizing can cause a dry throat and this is often due to the vape.

    Firstly my DBV is faulty and by default heats too hot. Second, I find there is a learning curve with the MFLB and I cant really compare the MFLB to what i consider a serious vaporizer. i.e has a nice delivery system and easy heat control.
  5. Linx

    Linx Banned

    Been using vapes for a long time - will never go back.

    Burning Cannabis is a huge waste of time and money.

    you want a setup that will deliver thick hits? Go and try Buzzby's Vriptech, or a bong setup with an SSV.

    Use a cheap vape and get cheap results - you get what you pay for.

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