Very sad story...

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  1. sToNaLex Qc

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    Hey everybody. This is a big story about a friend, a really good friend.

    He started smoking when he was 14. He liked it, he smoked for fun. Having no problems in his life, everything was going at its best: he had really good marks at school, very intelligent, talented in everything. He, then, started going out with a girl. He smoked more and more, but his marks weren't going down, so it was okay. He dated that girl for 6 months, then, she left him for another dude. This is where everything started.

    My friend got in a big depression. He couldn't think of something else. He was ALWAYS thinking of her, always. Few weeks before being left by her, he tried ecstasy pills; he loved that. He knew, therefore, that he had to be very cautious with this. No more than once in a few months. He remembered, at this time, how ecstasy could make him happy, in any situations. Guess what happened. At the age of 16, he started to smoke a lot more. Like an ounce in a week, sometimes in 3-4 days. He was popping pills everytime he could. He was smoking and popping so much that he couldn't pay anymore for his shits, so he had to sell. He started selling in February 2008. He sold a lot. I mean, A LOT. He was selling for an average of 3-4 ounces per week, doing all this on his bicycle. 3-4 ounces as an average. He was also selling pills; about 100 per week. You know what that means. All of his money went in drugs. ALL OF IT. During the summer, he couldn't stop thinking of her. I saw him cry like 3 times, for no reasons. We were like 6 of us watching a movie or a tv show, then I saw his eyes floating in his tears. The first thing he said is "I wanna pop pills...". So he did. What could we do? Nothing. He popped for over 1000 pills during summer. On some weekend days, he popped over 25 pills and sold over 80. I witnessed that, but was unable to do anything. What could I do, really? Nothing. All I could do is watch him do his crazy shit and tell him to stop, but that was meaningless to him.

    At the end of the summer, we started school again. He was 17. He popped pills on every weekends, sometimes on school days. He was always high, always. He woke up, smoked a joint, went to school, smoked during pauses and lunch break, well, all the time.

    He then went to a detoxication hospital. He stayed there for a month, then we all thought he was fully cured. He told us that it will be really hard for him to keep seeing and chilling with us, because we are smokers. I told him that I could quit smoking if that could help him; he didnt want. Well, we didnt smoke in front of him. Then, one day that I wasn't there, my friends drank, with this guy. My friend was pretty drunk, as the others, and he kept asking for like an hour for some haschisch to some of my friends. They refused, obviously. We then knew that he wasn't cured at all. The next day, we saw him doing some BT (Bottle tokes, I don't know how you guys call this ...) at his house. I was really mad at him, and I told him what I thought of this. I told him that weed isn't the problem, the PILL was. If he's sticking on weed and don't touch Ecstasy, it'd be, I think, a good start. Then, a few days later, he popped some E with my friends, again. The next morning, he was depressed as hell. I didn't see him, but my other friend that popped with him told me that if he left him alone, he could have some suicidal tendences. He was crying, saying that he popped again because of us, and all that. My friend that popped with him said "You popped because of us? Really? Tell me then, who gave the pills to us, eh? Wasn't it you? YOU are our dealer, man!" Well, he went in detoxication again, for a month and a half. He came back. I was, then, fully assured that he would NEVER touch that shit back. He told all of us that he was really doing well sober, and his anti-depressant pills were doing a great job and everything. Then, the same thing happened. He bought some weed, then popped pills and started selling again.

    I don't know what will happen next. I see him like 3-4 times a week, and he looks good. But the problem is that I know that he is really depressed, and I don't really know what could happen the next week and everything. Maybe that he could wake up one morning having popped the night before, being really, REALLY depressed and just take the bad decision.

    You know, I don't know what to do, I feel like whatever I could say to him will never do anything.

    Sorry for that loooong text, but it was a loooong story, and I made it the shorter I can...

    Have a nice day everyone
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  2. jaker713

    jaker713 New Member

    That just goes to show you, everything should be taken in moderation
  3. sToNaLex Qc

    sToNaLex Qc New Member

    I agree with you. But for him, moderation wasn't even an option. I mean, being on Ecstasy was, for him, the ONLY way to have fun. He even sold his paintball gun and equipment for pills (he was sponsored and was in a really good team, at the age of 16).

    That's really crazy...
  4. madmodder123

    madmodder123 New Member

    ive learned a lot about ecstasy in my drug class (in it cuz of weed related school suspension) and if he keeps continuing taking it it will put even more holes in his brain and he will run out of serotonin and just become an empty shell and literlly the pills will be the only thing that will make him happy
  5. yoman3

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    It sucks that he went into a downward spiral because of continued X and weed use, but the reason he got that way....a GIRL at the age of FOURTEEN!? That's just funny, because at 14 nobody is serious. So while there's a part of me that thinks this guy is a total dumbass for getting into that shit just because of a girl (at the age of 14, no less), I still can't help but feel bad for him. I mean that shit must suck, for him and you guys.

    I hope he gets better.
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  6. sToNaLex Qc

    sToNaLex Qc New Member

    He dated that girl in his early 15.
  7. hippie557

    hippie557 New Member

    Really, does this friend of yours have that narrow of vision to not see that life will go on without this ex-girlfriend of his? He's turning to chemicals to escape his emotions from the break-up. Doesn't he have any other hobbies like video games or anything? Seems to me like your circle of friends are being a vehicle for him to start poppin' and smokin' again and again when you are around each other. And why did you let him drink alcohol if you know he is a very depressed individual who is just out of rehab? I don't mean to flame but seriously, that's like saying, "Hey! Maybe this gasoline will put the fire out!"
  8. macphearsome

    macphearsome New Member

    Wow, this guy needs a lot of help. Not just with the drugs, but with everything. I hope you and your friends continue to be supportive of him, becuase he really needs it right now.
  9. sToNaLex Qc

    sToNaLex Qc New Member

    Hippie: I'm always, always telling him to think about what he's doing. I'm trying to make him realise that he's screwing up his life, but he doesn't care at all...

    Mac: To tell the truth, most of his friends (that are my friends also) aren't helping him. Not at ALL. Only me and another girl are really close to him. We're telling him to stop and everything. Yeah, he needs help. A lot. But we don't know what to do. He already went to detox twice...
  10. warofages

    warofages New Member

    Shit, if he failed to stay sober out of being in rehab more than once I would start not to really care about him and his health. If someone is just that prone to relapsing after rehab a couple times at such an early age, that's a real bad problem. It's hard to see intelligent kids get flushed down the drain by heavy drugs especially with how intelligent today's society is...
  11. macphearsome

    macphearsome New Member

    Maybe somebody could talk him into seeing a counsellor, if that isn't already included in detox (excuse my ignorance). I feel so bad for this guy because I think some of us have been there. Being unhappy at a young age is a bad start... at the same time, it's amazing to look back 10 years down the future and realize how silly it was to get hung up on stuff like that with your whole life ahead of you.

    For your part, I think it would be a real good idea to get this kid involved in some hobbies and exercise. Simple things like that can be a million times more useful than your best antidepressants.
  12. sToNaLex Qc

    sToNaLex Qc New Member

    Warofages: My friend is still really intelligent. I mean, if he's addicted like that, it's mostly because when he isnt under the effect of ecstasy, he is always depressed. Did you ever tried E? Well, he said that when he isnt high, he's REALLLYYYY depressed, and he just can't stand it...

    Well, some people went to detox 6-7 times before quitting for real... sad
  13. KevyB

    KevyB New Member

    He may be your friend but....

    He needs a beating, and serious hardship from you guys, like your pack watching over him, throwing away his pills, notifying some people close to him. It may seem harsh, but in the end he would thank you.


    Help him find a girl, its obvious he will be skeptic at this at first, but, once he starts seeing and starts to like the girl, it can change his life.

    Also, that bitch should of get slapped, really hard, how the fuck can you be so heartless to just "leave" someone for somebody ELSE. Its equal to telling him that he's a worthless piece of shit and was a waste of time. CHRIST


    Option #3

    Legalize, not just weed, but all the other things, and create a system of "carding" where the buyer has a told limit of each drug, and upon reaching it he/she cannot buy it again for a period of time
  14. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I'm surprised by his continued X use, I used to use it a lot (I use it rarely to never any more) but it quickly gets dull. Theres not much advice I can give. You've got to find him something to do to keep him entertained other than drugs. I think in his state, at the moment weed is just as big an issue as his ecstasy use, solely because being high makes it easier to lay about and do nothing, this is made worse if he's still hung up about that girl. He needs to get sober and active.
  15. MXM

    MXM Sr. Member

    It was all Yoko's fault.
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  16. macphearsome

    macphearsome New Member

    people change, people move on.

    I can't believe you'd expect somebody to stay with another person forever ar the age of 15 :rolleyes:
  17. sToNaLex Qc

    sToNaLex Qc New Member

    He came at school this morning. Guess what? He popped yesterday, and to avoid the down, he popped again this morning. He didn't sleep. When I saw him, I didn't know it, but my friends told me a little time after that he popped the night before. Well...

    I tried to make him realise that he has to find a hobby to quit drugs. He told me that he had to save some money for his debt (not big shits, only 100$...), his smoke, and his gas. He buys pills with this money also. So... he will never find a hobby, because a hobby, other than arts, needs money... And he spends all of his money on drugs.

    I told him also that he needs to date a girl. He knows it, and he told me that he was trying. But the problem is that dating a girl takes time, and the more he waits, the more he gets depressed and lonely...
  18. toker8109

    toker8109 New Member

    ehhh whatever. Sorry if this sounds mean but usually someone that bad has a history of addiction in their family and he most likely already had an addictive personality. The victim in those story is the herb and the culprit is the kid. The way you presented this made it sound like marijuana made him want to take x. He needs a psychiatrist and to stay at the detox center for longer periods of time. At 14 a relationship is just kind of like "sweet I have a girlfriend." Not "Oh my god, I love this person and will die for him/her."
  19. KevyB

    KevyB New Member

    there's a difference between "moving on" and "dumping someone".

    Moving on happens after a longer discussion between both sides, and dumping is when one side just doesnt give a fuck about the other sides feelings even though there probs was some deeper shit going on between those sides.

    But how can you know :rolleyes:
  20. sToNaLex Qc

    sToNaLex Qc New Member

    I know that my friend has a problem, and I am NOT blaming MJ or X for it. The problem is my friend, not the drug itself.

    By the way, the girl dumped him for someone that he knew. He was 16 at this time.

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