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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by n4sTyN4t3, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. n4sTyN4t3

    n4sTyN4t3 New Member

    ok, im 13 (go ahead, laugh)

    ive been smoking since i was 12 (go ahead laugh)

    ive been able to get stoned regularily since i started til about a week ago.

    me and my friend (hes 15) smoked a bowl.

    about 3 minutes later, my vision went blurry and my head started spinning.

    then when i walked into my friends yard, the environment around me seemed surreal and i kept thinking i was in a dream.

    i was scared sh*tless that it wouldnt end. it was horrible.

    it got worse as i sat down. my vision would blink on and off and i felt like i was gonna pass out.

    if anything touched me it would burn. my hands and feet were numb and i was shaking.

    i then told my friend, and he just laughed (nice friend, eh)

    so i went into his basement, and tried to go to sleep, hoping that when i woke up, itd be gone... it took me an hr to fall asleep...when i woke up it was gone... but later that night it happened again...

    ever since then i have a constant feeling that im in a dream that will never end. it sux.

    help me pls.
  2. Rugbee

    Rugbee Banned

    Exactly how long has this been happening from after the time you got high?
    I been smoking for over 20 years and on occasion (usually when I either over smoke or just plain smoked some good stuff I too get that way but never had the high not go away for any longer then 8 hours, max… Kick back, drink lots of water, don’t do anything stressful, don’t smoke anymore..., and don’t drive. I doubt if your bag was laced, it’s possible but more then likely not. Again, try drinking lots of water and kick back.
  3. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    Yo... Pass THAT sh*t!

    If it was really really good bud it might just be because you're young? What happened to your friend?

    Really sounds like it was laced actually, make sure if you're buying midgrade or commercial that it isn't cut with any chemicals or drugs, ask your dealer next time, cause unfortunately a lot of lowgrade dealers cut their sh*t with some pretty harsh stuff. On the other hand, what you describe sounded exactly like my friend's story when him and his friends purposely laced a bowl of nugs with an off-topic hallucinogenic stimulant. Be careful next time!
  4. n4sTyN4t3

    n4sTyN4t3 New Member

    well... it wasn't laced since it didnt happen to my friend... but that was the best bud ive ever smoked...maybe thats why...good ol bc bud eh
  5. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    99.99% of the time it isn't laced. There are numerous threads regarding panic attacks, anxiety, and so on.
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