Visible exhaled vapor is wasted THC

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Buzzby, Dec 26, 2010.


Visible exhaled vapor is wasted thc

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  1. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    would having your lungs filled with any air before taking a hit be any less efficient since you are absorbing a larger mixture of nitrogen, 02 etc as oppose to just cannabanoid vapor.
  2. demp5294

    demp5294 Banned

    When you got a buzz the most sillest question seem important.
  3. TannedNorseman

    TannedNorseman New Member

    You all with vape pens can easily do a simple test for yourselves on how much many be expelled unrealized as useful medicine. How I tested was to start in the morning fresh and only take a one second draw then continued inhaling air. I held that mix for about 10 secs.

    I waited 10 minutes and I could feel a difference with that small amount. I repeated that process three times total. PLENTY for me.
    It worked very well. So my normal 4-5 five second draws were only netting me the same effect. Perhaps the lungs can only absorb at your own metabolic rate and any other "extra" above your own absorption rate is just not possible of these type of products.

    Any ways, please post your own results. If you try this method and it's great for you also, please spread the word. No sinse )) in wasting a good thing.

    Richard (60's were great)
  4. TannedNorseman

    TannedNorseman New Member

    Try to read my first line if you think it was not effective, LOL.
  5. big-T

    big-T New Member

  6. big-T

    big-T New Member

    When I was a kid, if I could hold my toke 45seconds it was completely absorbed. At myg age now those days are gone.
  7. coffeeboy

    coffeeboy New Member

    Well I have been researching and what I read is that one does not have to hold in Vape, and there is no waste. I ordered my first herb vape last night, but have friends that have them. Way less waste than smoking, and much healthier too!

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