Visine to Pass Drug Tests

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by watchyoursix, Jul 2, 2008.

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    This is quoted from erowid
    Now I have somewhat tested this by adding Visine to my urine, it does not change color at all, I'm going to get a home drug test soon to make sure it works
    but the idea is, add the right amount of visine to your urine and it will mask the THC
    If you add too much, it doesnt work, the ideal amount is 100mL of visine to 1L of urine
    so you'll have to bee good at eyeballing amounts of liquid.
    Since bottles of visine come in small amounts (15mL/30mL)
    My idea is you would strap these to your penis (idk how girls would do this) and add it to your urine while pissing.
    You should know how much (in mL) is in each bottle before you go in, and eyeball the amount going in (again, you have to be good at eyeballing to do this)

    I have not tried this yet to pass a test, but i will try in the future.
    That is what the Erowid article gives as information on how this works with Visine.
    Now I'm not sure whether a lab can detect this (possibly, but i havent seen too many people using it, so maybe they haven't figured to test for it)

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