Vitamin b12 and b2? Differences?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by OnProbation, Mar 8, 2005.

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    Vitamins B12 and B2, is there a difference?
    I was recentally testing a flush method of mine and i went out and bought 2 bottles of Vitamin b-12. I took 6 and drank 1/2 quart of water, took 4 more and drank the rest and then took 2 more. I urinated about 5+ times of clear urine. These pills are Vitamin b12 250mcg supplement, 4,167% of Daily Value. I was really worried kinda. I took all these and nothing happened. I was doing research before taking these vitamins and found they are water soluable(sp?) and found its really hard to OD on these. After reading on alot of medical sites and wikipedia information i figured taking 12 wouldent do any harm.

    After taking 12 tho my piss was still clear as all heck. Am i taking the wrong vitamin? or should i be taking more? Is b-12 the wrong vitamin i was wondering, should I be taking Vitamin B-2? IS there such a thing? lol. Just looking for a way to color my piss instead of having it be all clear. And this is really clear it looks just like water except with bubbles and the temperature lol. havent tried b2 as i dont have any money right now lol. Would b2 work in coloring my urine to a pretty yellow color even after drinking 2 gallons or so of water?

    Thank you for reading and thanks again in advance for ANY help you could post. Thanks
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    just take a b complex vitamin, they work best
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    My pee usually turns bright colors when I take ANY combination of multi vitamins
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    if you take too much B12, it can give your urine a greenish tint, and one person said it gave him severe diarrhea so he couldn't even do his test. B-complex vitamins seem to vary quite a bit, some have more B12, others less. I think B2 is great for giving the yellow color, as long as you don't take too much of it. this is one of the best reasons to practice the dilution method in advance, so you can test out the effectiveness of your vitamin B, and see how long it takes. if it's not time-released and you only drank 2 quarts, then a single 50mg or maybe 100mg can be plenty. but the trick is that you have to pre-piss a few more times or so after you take it, and the color starts out very slowly for the first 30-45 minutes, and then they tend to build up too brightly after a couple of hours, so you'll either need to practice to learn the optimal color timeframe for your specific vitamins and amount of water or other fluids you're drinking, and/or keep watching the color of your pre-pisses until it's just right. but another part of the problem is that you're drinking too much water. you really don't need 2 GALLONS, nor is it healthy, and can easily score you a Too-Dilute result. sure that's not the end of the world, but why not do everything you can to avoid it. you don't even need 1 whole gallon, imho... all you really need is 2-3 quarts. and it might help the color if instead of water, it was cranberry juice, or better yet gatorade, which also helps with the specific gravity readings. hope this helps & good luck.

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