Vitamin B2 - A False Positive?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by MCSGeneration, Mar 29, 2005.

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    I've read conflicting views on whether or not Vitamin B2 can be a false positive for THC. On this website and at, it is recommended that one take Vitamin B to keep their pee yellow when diluting their pee.

    However, on other sites, I found Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) can be a false positive.

    Anyone know the facts?

    Also, should I be worried about failing the test?

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 180
    Estimated metabolism: normal
    Smoking history for the last 30 days: I smoked about 4 times a week for about 6 months. I was arrested and then didn't smoke for a month. I smoked once and then went another month without smoking. A month ago I smoked one more time. It has been a month and my test is tomorrow.
    How often you work out (if you do): About once a week... regular exercise daily
    ---I do not have time before my test to get a home test---

  2. d4rk3

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    you're clean don't worry. 99% sure
  3. Locutus

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    could it be misinformation?

    clean, yes...

    but i think that's a good question about the B2... i did a little searching and most of the references i found to this were posted on sites that sell drug testing "solutions", and all from the same old interview with Dr. Dean Adell, but even erowid lists it as a false positive for marijuana, and N2's sticky on dilution here says:

    "Step 4. 1-2 hours before the test, take vitamin B2 or B complex (about 10 times the daily recommended dosage). "

    here's the relevant part of that interview...

    "George: Did you say that 200 milligrams of vitamin B2, riboflavin, would confuse a drug test? I have smoked marijuana occasionally and I'm applying for a job. Isn't 200 milligrams about 100 times the RDA, and is it safe to take that much?

    Dr. Dean: Riboflavin does confuse the test. However, the technology they have now could pick it up. If it does, and it voids the test, they can use a back up sample to get around it. I'm going to tell you a lot of details here but if you're really interested in this whole subject, check out the book "Ur-ine Trouble." You'll find full details at the end of this article.

    I wouldn't try riboflavin. Better for you to look at the article we did last week; it's on the Web site. That study we talked about was the best one I've heard of. It should be one of the links at the bottom of this page. The most recent report looked at occasional or frequent use and for how long the best testing available would test you positive. I'm also warning people that diluting may also not be reliable. For instance, if your test is 20 and that's positive, if you dilute your urine 50/50, you will test at 10, and if you do it again, it still will be five. "

    what does he mean it confuses the test? in what way? aspirin confuses the test. and in a way, we expect it to confuse the test in our favor, at least by the visual yellow coloring. he didn't actually say it was a false-positive there, and they way he says he wouldn't try it, as if it was the basis of a method. then in the next breath it's like he's just trying to sell a book, followed by some complete gibberish at the end, imho.

    GNC sells the B2 pills in 50/100/150mg sizes, and i've learned from various test subjects posts that a single 50mg or 100mg B2 is plenty to do the job if you time it correctly. by practicing the dilution method in advance, you can see your urine voiding very clear, and then between 30-60 minutes after taking a single vitamin B2, it will slowly begin to turn yellow again, and after another hour it will be even brighter yellow... so if you take too much &/or wait too long, it could turn your urine abnormally bright, like a florescent highlighter.

    many people recommend vitamin B12 or b-complex, or just any kind of multivitamins. i get the sense that these aren't as effective as B2 for good yellow color, and too much can give your urine more of a greenish or brownish color, and the b-complexes and especially multi-vitamins vary quite a bit in contents and results. of course we always have to be on the lookout for the dreaded time-released ones too. but as always, the proof is in the practice run.

    btw, i also noticed this info:

    Lean meats, eggs, legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, and milk provide riboflavin in the diet. Breads and cereals are often fortified with riboflavin. Because riboflavin is destroyed by exposure to light, foods with riboflavin should not be stored in glass containers that are exposed to light.

    i'm seriously thinking this whole idea of B2 causing a false positive is simply more misinformation that's been passed around for so long that everyone starts to believe it, or perhaps it's out-dated.
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    Locutus is Right

    Testers want another sample if the color is too yellow. If it's for pre-employment, it could mean you won't get the job. Dilute and take a normal ammount of B12 for a few days before the test. Your Urine will be a natural yellow, instead of Dark Yellow or Brown.

    I take vitamins every day, and the color varries from urination to urination during the course of the day. If you dilute right, color won't matter. Creatine levels will. Subbing with another's urine is a harder, because of the tempature factor that's involved. :)

    Take some creatine and cranberry juice. Potasasuim pills work too :poke:

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