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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by GreenForAll, Feb 24, 2012.

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    So I recently purchased my first vaporizer. It's a small boxy thing with a digital temp readout called the Viva La Vape: Revolt

    I'll admit, I'm brand new to vaporizing so I have a couple quick questions (searched the forums but didn't find any answers)

    1. I did plenty of reading in this section and I think I've figured out that you generally want to start vaporizing around 356F and increase from there. I know the lower the temp the more "heady" the high and as the temp gets higher it's a more relaxed "glued to the couch" high. When I use the vape at those temps I pretty much have ash left over when I'm done. The best temp seems to be around 300F. Could my vape be burning way too hot or am I just doing something wrong?

    2. My second question is how many hits in general should you get out of a vape? I'm basing this on filling the bowl the recommended one-third with herb. I ask because it seems like vapor (or maybe smoke?) seems be exhaled after about 15 hits.....just not sure how to tell if its done, other than the burned popcorn smell.

    3. And last but not least: Is it a waste to use really high grade bud in a vape? I've been told and read that it doesn't matter what kind of bud you use, the effect should be the same.

    Any help for this Vaporizing noob would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. 5drive

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    Ash means combustion and smoke and the temp needed is around 450 F. I think your terminology is wrong.

    As a true temp, that's low. Since your vape isn't an expensive one, I'd say the display temp is definitely inaccurate-very common on low priced digital models. Just use the numbers as reference points and don't worry about trying to match up to 350, 400, whatever. Just use a range that leaves your remains (usually known as ABV, for 'already been vaped') a light brown, up to dark brown. Black ABV means your temp is too high, but it's still not combustion point.
    If you exhale under good lighting, or into streaming sunlight, you'll see exhaled vapor much better. A lot of people stop on a bowl when they see no more heavy vapor on exhale, but good lighting will show exhaled vapor much longer on additional hits.
    Absolutely not. But if you start your temp too high, you'll go through a bowl in a hurry and won't get as much out of it. Starting lower and moving the temp up is better.

    Yeah, I've heard that too. But ask yourself, what could be so special about vaporization, that it makes mid grade as good as high grade? If it improves weed quality wouldn't it also make high grade better? The answer is that vaporization is a simple process -apply heat and get vapor. The differences amount to temp accuracy and how easy or hard it is to get good quality hits, on a consistent basis. And different models sometime deliver the vapor in different ways-whip, bag, vapor stem/tube, bong. But just like with smoking, it does matter what grade of bud you use.

    Speaking of smoking, you're also vaping when you smoke. As the hot cherry spreads heat, it creates vapor, which you inhale with the smoke. It'll take some scientific testing to confirm amounts, etc., but it's possible that most all the high that you get when smoking is coming from vapor. That's one excellent reason to avoid torching a bowl when you smoke from a pipe or bong. Incinerating your herb with a high temp torch lighter as you hit, is wasteful. Just get a cherry going and let the heat spread. That's assuming you still smoke. I've only taken a handful of smoke hits in the last 6 or so years, while I vape every day. Try nothing but vapor for a while and smoke becomes really nasty in your throat.
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  3. GreenForAll

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    Wow man, thanks for taking the time to break that down. Very informative and helpful!! I kind of figured that my vape was pretty inaccurate as my buddy's takes a lot longer to go through a bowl than mine, even on the same temp.

    I clearly need to experiment with more with different temps....sounds like a fun project though!

    Yeah definitely don't know the terminology, but ash was probably the wrong choice of words. The left over's are just straight black though.

    Thanks again for the info!
  4. bluehenry

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    Just got my revolt yesterday. Never vaped before. I was very pleased by the results. I tried a wide range of temps. I found that 385 was very good. That's the setting they recommend. But I also got good hits from temps on down to 300.

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