Vomiting, blacking out, dizzyness..does this happen to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by tori, May 23, 2001.

  1. tori

    tori New Member


    Ive been smoking bud for the past 2 years nearly everyday, but about 1 month ago, i smoked a joint, i felt fine but then about 30mins after the joint, everything started spinning when i closed my eyes, i couldnt walk, and blacked out about 10 times, as well as vomiting for ages.

    I thought it might have been a virus or something that was going round, but a few days later i smoked more bud and the same thing happend, but it was worse, i blacked out many many times and puked for hours.

    So now everytime i smoke bud, this happends, but now i blackout after only 1 toke, its really pissing me off cause i really really like smoking bud.

    I was just wondering if this happends to anyone else, or am i the only one who its screwed???


    from tori
  2. BMojo

    BMojo Guest

    Maybe you should go buy some bud from someone else.. this dealer may have laced it with something ****ty or possibly used some really whacked chemical fertilizers... As far as im concerned marijuana can not do that.

  3. lxl Ash lxl

    lxl Ash lxl New Member


    you might just be getting tired of the particular kind of bud you're smoking... but that's a pretty harsh way for your body to tell you that. so i dont know.

    if you've switched dealers or anything, or noticing your bud looks funny, i'd get another dealer.

    or you could stop smoking for a week or so.. then start up again, see if you have the same problems.. if so, then it's probably your dealer.
  4. tori

    tori New Member

    i thought the same thing, that maybe the dealer had laced it with some crap, but then, wouldnt it have effected other people if it was laced?

    I havent smoked bud for 2 weeks now, i had a sesh today, and the same thing happend, vomiting, blacking out, super delayed reactions, blurred vision and so on

    The bud ive been smoking is really skunky stuff, but, it still makes me sick, so does cabbage.

    Ive tried bud from about 5 different dealers, but the same thing happens everytime.

    Im really annoyed at getting sick from bud, cause its the only thing i love doing..

    I just dont understand why i get sick now.. ive been smoking bud for so damn long.

    anywayz.. thats all i got to say now..

  5. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    Some people are allergic to marijuana. This happened to a friend of mine, used to love to smoke, and then for some reason had to go to the hospital and after that trip every time he would smoke he would get really sick. He just gave it up, and it sounds like that may be what you have to do. Perhaps you should abstaine for a month or two and when and if you try again, use a pinch hitter and smoke miniscule quatities at a time to see if you still get sick. If you do, then it is probably going to be that way. Sorry man. I wish I had a more indepth answer for you than that.

    I would concentrate on eating right while you are off the pot. Get your vitimans and minerals up where they should be, it may just be a problem like that. Either way, you are getting a not so subtle hint that it is time to move on.

  6. suede

    suede Activist

    sounds to me,

    Like you may be pregnant.
    Does anything else cause these spells?Knowing a little more about you would help.Your other personal habits, your diet,changes in physical maturity,changes in your diet,any number of possibilities could cause this reaction.I personally have a weak gag response,that is worse in the spring from multiple combinations of pollen,smog,cigs,and yes,marijuana....It causes some of the same symptoms,but not the blackouts.That could be anything from anemia to diabetis.My advice,,Get a physical:)B.suede
  7. AfRo

    AfRo New Member

    Have you been smoking on an empty stomach? If i smoke on an empty stomach, i start to feel sick, and get dizzy. Sometimes when i get hydro and take a huge hit stuff like that happens too.
  8. tori

    tori New Member

    alrighty, here i go
    your questions answered

    1..im not pregnant thats for sure
    2..i dont smoke bud on a empty stomach, but i have done in the past, and it hasent effected me
    3..i dont drink, but i smoke heaps of ciggies,
    4..i havent really changed my diet, ive just pretty much stopped eating junk food and have started to exercise a hell of a lot more
    5..ummmmmmmmmmm im 18..and thats all i can think of
    oh, and the smell of bud also makes me sick, i found this out today when i was sitting in the car while others were having a sesh, i had to get out cause i felt sick, they had only just started to spark up as well!

    geez, i hope im not allergic to bud...thats a cruel cruel thing, being allergic to the only thing i love!

    well, thanks guys for your help and stuff

    from me, tori
  9. tori

    tori New Member

    ooops and i forgot to add this

    after ive smoked bud, and done the blacking out/vomiting thing, my hands shake for days and days afterwards, and i have no energy what so ever, and sleep for hours and hours, its kinda like im in a coma type thing, i sleep for up to 12 hours after if finished vomiting

    but the gross thing is, that when i've vomited up everything in my stomach, i keep vomiting up stomach acid or something like that, its disgusting i kno, but yep anywayz

    from me
  10. KWhite

    KWhite Guest

    Prudence says...

    Allergies are funny things, and they can come from nowhere seemingly.
    I would highly suggest you desist from using the herb until we get it legalized, then check with a doctor to see if there is anything you can do against it.
    Unfortunately, that is one of the research areas not being followed.
    Do not mess with your health, its the only one youhave.
  11. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    I sometimes will get a little sick stomach feeling if I smoke to much, or smoke really old stale weed. But I have never actually vomited or passed out because of pot. You are really best served by quitting for a while and letting your body reset itself, and to allow some time to pass between your last unpleasent experience.

    Be aware of what you are expecting when you start to smoke. If you expect to get really sick and pass out, then don't be suprised when that happens to you. Psycho-symatic illnesses. People walk around all day saying they have a cold, they have a cold, they have a cold, and what do you know by the end of the week, the REALLY have a cold. They called it on themselves.

    I would also lay off the ciggerettes, but I can understand quitting both at the same time is practically suicide. Ciggerettes have more of an adverse effect on my than marijuana, but marijuana does amplify the effects of the ciggerettes. i get headaches, sick to my stomach, and mild shakes every once in a blue moon. But I have discovered that these were a combination of mountians of ciggerettes, and mountians of caffiene both used together for a long period of time. Mountians of pot had nothing to do with it.

    One last thing, the next time you get high, you may want to cook the marijuana in something like brownies, cookies, or spagetti sauce. Maybe a different form of injestion, one where the thc eases its way into the bloodstream instead of just instantly being there, this might help as well.

    Make sure you are getting the proper vitamin and minerals that you need. Do some research in nutrition, most maladys today can be fixed by simply paying attention to what you put into your body, and making sure you have enough calcium, potassium, magnesium in your diet.

  12. 420Forever

    420Forever Guest

    Have you checked for mold?

    If there is any, perhaps that could be the reason...that scenario would also make sense in this case, since not everyone is always allergic to the same mold. One thing which does point against this is that you've tried product from multiple suppliers...but I suppose it may be possible it came from the same batch. Vomiting is also a symptom of some mold allergies, but I haven't read dizziness or blacking out are such.

    I remember on the old boards some time ago, someone was also having problems with MJ (although I believe they were different) and were worried they might be allergic. I seem to recall it turned out they were from mold...but I'm not certain.

    I hope this is of some help. :)
  13. tori

    tori New Member


    thanks for all your help and stuff, its really helped me out heaps, ..ive got a doc's appoint tomorrow...yippie...get to get jabbed with bloody needles and crap, but at least i get to find out whats wrong with me...well, medically anywayz

    thanks for your help and stuff

    luv, tori

    oh, and p.s, im laying off the weed for a while, well, a few weeks anyway!

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