Vomiting from Cannabis?

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by LowRider, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

  2. Negation

    Negation New Member

    Me either. I've always heard that marijuana helps subside nausea and vomiting. I guess it's possible, but at the same time, one case does not a fact make.
  3. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    Sounds like what many users have been posting about on here - panic attacks.

    How would we just be realizing this now after all these years of toking up? Complete bullshit.
  4. KitLeHunn

    KitLeHunn New Member

    hah, my friend got really high yesterday and puked. its happened on several occasions.
  5. bloodshed

    bloodshed New Member

    I call shens.

    Marijuana apparently stops/cures brain tumors but at the same time it causes brain tumors

    So now im going to be told that marijuana can make someone stop vomiting but apparently now it will make you vomit? What's next? Marijuana causes you to get anorexia, but at the same time it gives you the munchies. Right... SHENS.
  6. maggie_monster

    maggie_monster New Member

    some people are just plain allergic... a friend of mine is allergic and throws up occasionally...
  7. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    marijuana kills bain cells too. It's scientifically "proven". And I think this article has the same kind of credibility that theory had.
  8. hxcsoonersfan

    hxcsoonersfan New Member

    Ive been with several people who have thrown up. It seems to be mostly when they first started blazin so it might have just been a panic attack, but when i had my panic attack(first time ever smoking) i didnt feel like puking.
  9. Doc Mitch

    Doc Mitch Sr. Member

    I know somebody that will throw up if he gets too high. It's not like you're throwing up because your body is trying to rid itself of the toxic substance. Some people (newbs usually) just get too intensely high.

    I have nearly thrown up once from smoking weed in my life. It was from a single bong rip that was way more smoke than I could handle. But after I drank a glass of water I was straight.
  10. blackanthony

    blackanthony New Member

    dude that was sort of like me for a time, i know you guys kind of think its bullshit, but it happened to me, although that was when i was beggining it dosent really happen at all to me anymore.
  11. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    my first time i got super duper high i felt like it but i was just freaking out cause everything was real slow
  12. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    You guys are talking about first times, this article is talking about long term, experienced smokers.
  13. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    i would say that it is just a reaction. bad weed(if there is such a thing) or they are allergic to the type of weed
  14. Code347

    Code347 New Member

    While this has NEVER happened to me, I did see it happen to a new smoker once...he was also pounding drinks as well as having a bit of couch lock....

    But other than that I have never seen it....
  15. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    I know that if you get hair in your bud, it can make it taste extremely bad and it made me almost vomit. Hair or any other type of substance that accidentally that got into the bud. Maybe its some kind of fuz flying around in the air. I just know that it is very easy to get hair or fuz into the bud, which is why I am extremely careful about my weed when I break it down.
  16. joltting

    joltting New Member

    This isn't so far fetched as some people would like to believe. Their are some aspects in that article that I disagree with. Like the whole severe vomiting to mass amounts of marijuana over a long period of time. But I know from past experiences that I too have become sick from smoking. Now I don't always get sick from smoking, but I do have my times where I feel really light headed with a big migraine. But it really seems when this does happens to me, it more or less has to do with a particular strain that sometimes floats around the Michigan area. To where other times I feel perfectly fine.

    It basically comes down to this. Some people are allergic to apple juice, just as much as marijuana. To where others are not, and will not ever be or become allergic to marijuana.
  17. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    When you think about it no one will really believe this. Whoever does would have obviously never have smoked weed before or been the small percentage of people who HAS thrown up from being too high.
  18. StonerTaz

    StonerTaz New Member

    actually the only time I ever puked when I was HIGH was when I was massively dehydrated due to donating plasma
  19. mud_head

    mud_head New Member

    i have puked quite a few times while smoking, but it was the coughs that caused it. you know when you take a hit thats so harsh nothing you can do will cool it off?? yeah, i get that sometimes. i always try to take more than my lungs can handle. its easier to control if i havent eaten much, idk why. but if i already ate a bunch, or are in the process of eating while passing the bowl, then i will blow some serious chunks(if its too dry)

    now if its beautiful, colorful and moist, i will not puke. never happened with the good stuff.
  20. ensign

    ensign New Member

    This is usually what I've seen from people that have thrown up while smoking weed. They've told me that the smoke burned so bad that it kinda gagged them when they coughed which caused them to throw up a little. Just my experience though.

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