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Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Lit_Match, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    I like to think the legalization of cannabis use is not a question of if, but when.

    Let's face it though, the world doesn't run on good intentions and happy thoughts, it runs on money. Presidential hopefuls will need to raise several hundred million if they even want to be taken seriously this election because it costs money, lots of it you want to remain in the public eye. The same holds true for the organizations trying to end cannabis prohibition. Sponsoring rallies takes money, hiring signature gatherers takes money, hiring lawyers to lobby takes lots of money, this is by no means an entire list of what requires funding.

    What money these organizations do have compared to how much the government has to spend discrediting them makes them figuratively no more than a whisper in a howling wind.

    How can I contribute?

    If more cannabis users financially contributed to the established organizations than the ones that currently do (which isn't even 1 percent), we would be living much different lives and may not even need a legalization section on this site.

    There are many organizations out there trying to end cannabis prohibition. The two listed below in my opinion are the two major players and have the best chance of effectively applying your funds to the legalization effort.

    The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws - NORML - any donation to NORML can be made tax-deductible by filling in the check-box that reads "please make my donation tax-deductible" found at the bottom of the different donation pages.

    The Marijuana Policy Project - MPP - you can make tax-deductible donations to MPP by donating to the MPP Foundation

    * Note: All tax-deductible donations to either organization will be used for public education purposes. Not that it's a bad thing, but if you want your money to go to lobbying, a non-tax-deductible donation is the best route.

    Don't have the money but still want to help?

    There are a lot of things you can do for free that will certainly help the legalization effort. You can write to your governor, your mayor, your congress representative, you could even write the president if you want.

    You don't have to be the most word savvy person in the world, just be honest and sincere. It's their job to listen to the voice of the people, when enough people voice their concerns they are much more likely to do something about it.

    Feel like the violence associated with the black market is unnecessary? Let them know. Feel like citizens being arrested for using a substance far less destructive than alcohol is destructive to this nation? Let them know.

    Arrests have gone up annually, spending has gone up annually. Our taxes are being spent where they have been proven highly ineffective and our citizens are being locked away at alarming rates (800,000+ last year I think). These things need to be addressed, cannabis prohibition has failed.

    If you would like to see change in the future, then help make the change happen. Make a donation, there is no minimum, if you only have a few dollars they won't complain. Write to a government official, even correct misinformed individuals who believe this country has been in any way successful concerning prohibition.

    One thing can be certain though, sitting around complaining about a cop messing with you or having to hide your activities to stay out of the court system will get absolutely nothing done.

    Take the next step and help make legalization happen. You'll be thanking yourself in the future when you're getting a buzz under a tree at the park with no worries of being arrested.
  2. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Hey I remember Buzzby saying something like this, but I just went through NORML's site and can't figure out how to let them deduct 10 a month from my bank account?

    Also...I'll give them more a month when I need money less:chokin:
  3. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    The form on this page is for monthly donations.
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  4. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    I don't have a credit card... but my debit card has a credit card function. Can I use that? $10 a month is 5% what I spent on mj in the last month... if I can't afford that, it might be time to start reassessing my priorities, eh?
  5. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    Yeah, you'd always want to use you checking account so a debit card is no problem.
  6. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    Welp, it's been done. I'm now one of the 1%!
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  7. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Thanks Lit, I'll get all this signed up for pretty soon, when more money gets added to the bank. Should be cool to get that free NORML shirt.

    Tax deductable too!
  8. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    Are you sure you want to make it tax deductible? If you do, your money can't go to lobbying, just education and stuff like that. But that's important too...
  9. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Yeah, I guess I'll just not make this tax deductible. Doesn't really matter.
  10. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I finally started the monthly donation process!

    Making some sort of difference...
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  11. Muggze

    Muggze New Member

    I planned on doing this when I had sufficient money to spare, But I like to really know where my money goes especially sense these crooked "help cancer patients with donations" are popping up everywhere when there just a couple of guys stealing peoples money.

    Im not saying this for NORML but My question is , what does this money help NORML with? and its a dumb question but can you donate cars to them in any way?
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  12. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    It's a lobbying firm. Check out their website. They've been working since the 1970s on convincing politicians to support legalization.

    You know groups like PETA, Firearm Owners of America, Big Tobacco. With the money they recieve from like-minded people, they basically buy TV time, print advertisements, hire speakers, all to convince people. They also do a lot of talking with politicians....
  13. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    I can't find a section on their site that accepts material goods for donation. You could call them though and find out for sure, worst case is they say no.
  14. Muggze

    Muggze New Member

    Ok thank you, I suppose I could have looked myself so sorry for that. I will start learning there website and see what I can do to help.
  15. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I got my NORML t-shirt today:hop::hop:

    I love it!
  16. Dilleybomber

    Dilleybomber New Member

    The elections are coming up. Not sure if it's too late yet but I've been hearing some good stuff coming out of Mike Gravel's mouth so far as far as the drugs game is concerned. He wants people to be able to buy bud from your local liquor store so you and your guys can jus go down there instead of goin through sometimes very shady folk.
  17. Derp420

    Derp420 New Member

    I hate to sound stupid but what do you mean by lobbying?
  18. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    Lobbying is basically any tempt to influence legislators. Don't get me wrong, even in NORML, if the money isn't spent on lobbying, it still is worthwhile, and can be spent on stuff like education instead. I just wanted to make sure Jake knew that before he made the decision.
  19. enixmouse

    enixmouse New Member

    Unfortunetly for me I do not have the money required to make donations but but reading this section has insirped me. I've been thinking about it alot latley and I do want to help, so I'm gonna sped the word about writing goverment officals and vocing our opinions. I'm gonna take the time to study and maybe make a site about marijuana.


    [ame=http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1333746/why_you_should_donate_to_the_marijuana_policy_project/]Why You Should Donate to the Marijuana Policy Project - Video[/ame]

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