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    Fundraiser in Va Beach to support a forced congressional referendum

    Please check out our brand new FB page and join! We are hosting a fundraiser on Feb 18th at Thumbs restaurant in Va Beach, Va. We are currently working with our local NORML chapter as well as LEAP to make this event a HUGE success! Our goal is $10,000.00! We would love to see everyone! We are also looking for volunteers to help with the event!


    Thumbs Restaurant
    605 Virginia Beach Blvd
    Virginia Beach, Va 23451
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    This is for donations right?
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    I want to do something but it seems we sit here with our hands tied only donating and talking about doing something. I was listening to something the other day and the guy was talking about advertising it and getting people used to seeing it and discussing it. He says even if you can get on the radio for a different topic just casually bring it up anyways. Just where ever you can start talking about it. Get the word out so we can stop living in fear of arrest. I am not a criminal.
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    Another option could be to Tax the Marijuana based on its level of THC or CBD. Lets say its recreational marijuana "Sativa" we could tax this 0.5% per 1% THC with some kind of cap. The same could be applied to medicinal pot like heavy duty Kush with high CBD content. It could be taxed 5% for every 1% CBD. Im sure some math wiz could come up with a great solution using these ideas. I think its worth some conversation don't you all?

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    Ronald McChroanlds

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