Washington State: I-502 Fires Up -

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Monterey Bud, Dec 6, 2012.

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    While an ounce of weed may not be much for snoop lion, or Whiz Khalifa it can be a mind blowing quantity for many (particularly if it’s good). No excuse required, no doctor’s recommendation needed, no made up ailments, just the truth. I like to smoke pot, and that’s reason enough .
  2. frolic

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    The issue of legalizing marijuana is in the big media reports. Reports by CNN, MSNBC and local news in many states are talking about the vote to legalize marijuana in Washington and Colorado. I have been waiting 47 years for such actions and the favorable coverage of marijuana. We can all celebrate now that the tide has changed.
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    As the first post is not a news article, what is this thread doing in The Drug War Headline News?
  4. frolic

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    There was an article here. Perhaps the article has been pulled.
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    FYI- Monterey Bud is on staff.
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    That's news to me, but alright then. When I see a member that registered only a year ago with less than 30 posts and the title "Super Moderator", I assume it's an imposter.
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    Understood... not a problem. :) I've asked him to help post in the forums.

    Sorry for the issues.

    Thanks, SB
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