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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by DrDre43, May 1, 2007.

  1. DrDre43

    DrDre43 New Member

    Hi. Has anyone ever taken a drug screening test for Waste Management? My fiance is getting ready for his first interview and doesnt know what you expect. Any help or input would be appreciated.
  2. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member

    Waste management test.

    My brother-in-law does waste manegmant for cuyahoga falls.
    They are very strict on everything.
    he never received a drug test for waste management.
    Belevie me...i have asked him too...haha.
    but yah i dont think there are any worrys about that.
    It should be ok.

  3. DrDre43

    DrDre43 New Member

    Yeah but he has to take a drug screening test? They called him faster than we thought they would, and he only stopped a few days ago. he's a big guy, 6'4, 300 lbs. If they dont do it onsite, then it shouldnt be that bad...but if they do, we have to explore other avenues.
  4. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member


    Your saying he has to or you dont know if he is getting one...
    He shouldent be getting a test...

  5. DrDre43

    DrDre43 New Member

    Of course

    I know he is going to get one. He has to submit to a pre-employment drug screen test.
  6. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member


    Ok so he is a big guy huh?
    and when is the drug test?
    Does he work out or run or anything?
    The best thing to do is for him to work out sweat drink lots of water.
    There are pills called niacin.
    Tell him to get a bottle of the biggest milligram you can find.
    You can get these anywhere...cvs kmart walmart where ever.
    Tell him to drink a full cup of water and take 2.
    Throughtout the day he should do this for about a week or so.
    It all depends on when the test is.
    Niacing may cause him to get hot and itchy and his skin to turn red.

    With his size i doubt this will happen but if it does dont worry it is normal.

    get back to me...

  7. DrDre43

    DrDre43 New Member

    He goes to the gym.

    We dont know when the drug test is going to be. He has his interview on Monday at 11:00 am and right now there is no way he will pass.

    How will the Niacin help?

    We need to find out if they do the test on-site or if they send him to a lab to do it.

    Any ideas?
  8. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member

    test help.

    Ok he goes to the gym that is good.
    My guess is that they will take him to a lab.
    And if it is an on-site test it wont be a very good one. he can pass that by jsut doing dilution.
    What dilution is is just drinking a lot of liquids and when he takes the test it will just be the liquid and it wont come up positive for anything.
    what the niacin does is just simply flushes out your system...along with the water it has worked very well for me.
    ive passed all of my tests doing this method.
    along with working out more than he does now if he works out drinks the water and takes the niacin he should be fine.
    My guess is they will either give him a shitty on site test or a test on site and then send it to a lab.
    The lab pick up on dilution.
    But what he needs to do is jsut excersise and take niacin and drink water, gatorade, energy drinks.
    If you look on the back of red bull or monster or whatever he perfers it will say niacin on them but along with the pills it gives you a bigger dosage and will speed up the process.
  9. DrDre43

    DrDre43 New Member

    Yeah but?

    Waste Management? They are the largest private waste hauling company in the country. You really think the test is gonna be shit?
  10. bogo

    bogo New Member

    niacin does NOTHING to help you pass a drug test NOTHING.....
    bad advice from wickedclown26 .....read the threads on the site I have dilution and sub links below.... how much did he smoke?? how long has he smoked? a big guy of low body fat or a big heavy guy? need to answer these questions before we can help you ...... the best thing right now keep stop smoking... and put off the test as long as he can. without knowing when the test is it kinda hard to tell you when to stop working out usally 3 days before the test and start eating lot of fatty foods to slow your body down...... if you can sub with someones clean pee or buy quick fix 4.o to sub with I would try that ...........

    edit read the threads here not just ask a question....... they will tell you more then you can find out with a question on one post....... dilution and sub links in my sig.... read read read..... all the questions you may have..... have been answered by people with 1000+ of posts..... look at the name of the person who answers those threads see how many posts they have and how long then been on site these people have the best advice....
  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    He will go to the interview, then they will make an appointment for the pre-employment drug test. IF he has a CDL, it will be a DOT regulated drug test (standard 5-panel w/50ng/mL cutoff for THC). With no CDL, probably the same type of test only using the non-DOT regulated form.
  12. DrDre43

    DrDre43 New Member

    DOT regulated

    Thanks for the advice. I am sure that there is information on here about DOT regulated tests.

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