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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by bluntmagic, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. bluntmagic

    bluntmagic New Member

    So i had a stroke of genius today and came up with a new homemade vape design. To make you need a water bottle, a downstem (or some other kind of glass or metal tube), some aquarium tubing, and some tape.
    1. take the cap from the bottle and heat it up then push your downstem into the cap.
    2. make a bowl on top of the bottle using foil, make sure the cap still fits on (this is not dangerous because the flame does not come in contact with the foil).
    3. burn a small hole near the bottom of the bottle and insert your tubing, tape it to make it air tight.
    4. place your bud in the foil bowl, don't put to much and try to keep it towards the middle.
    5. twist back on the cap/downstem attachment
    6. hold the lighter above the downstem attachment and inhale through the tube.
    This vaporizes the bud instead of burning it by running hot air over it, this happens because the downstem is long enough that the flame cannot be sucked down to burn the weed, but that the heat will still go through. Just a little tip, when your bowl is done, inhale once without the lighter because some vapor will still be in their and this will clear it.


    I just made this thing like 10 mins ago, and took a few rips and i am RIPPPPPPPEDDDDD:thumbsup:
  2. yoshi31

    yoshi31 New Member

    yeah i also did my own vap, but out of a lightbulb. I love how vapes get you high. I underestimated them before trying them but they are great. Maybe ill post pictures of mine
  3. WhiteWidow420

    WhiteWidow420 New Member

    Nice vape man!! I'm thinking of making a globe style vape real soon with an electric soldering iron and a mason jar.
  4. CS&N

    CS&N New Member

    I've been using the same concept with a pipe for a while now. Works like a charm, huh? I love it.

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