Water Filter and Vaporizing

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Odindon, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Odindon

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    I have never vaped and the years of smoking Js taking a toll on the lungs heh
    So I bought a vaporizer and during the search for it I ran across whips that have a water filter system on them. What is the benefit to this?

    I'm a cheapskate and I was thinking of a way to filter without buying the more expensive whips and I came up with an idea to use a bubble humidifier. Its commonly used to add moisture for people on oxygen. It seems to work like a bong does. I'm thinking connect hose from vaporizer to the top of this humidifier and then have a hose from the side to toke from. Simple but does the benefits even warrant doing this? For those who don't know what a Bubble humidifier is..here is a pic
  2. Odindon

    Odindon New Member

    Well with more research I realize bubblers are quite common and using this will likely work its not much different than store bought bubblers specifically for smoking (Didn't really even know they existed they don't seem to be any different than a bong?). I'm still curious if there is any benefit to water filtration, looking online I'm getting mixed info.
  3. Buzzby

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    The only benefit of "water filtration" for a vaporizer is cooler vapor. On the negative side, some small amount of vapor will inevitably condense in a cooler environment, losing it for the user. My favorite vape is the Vriptech Water Tool and Vriptech heat wand. The VWT is basically an ice bong that uses hot air from the VHW to vaporizer the cannabinoids instead of setting the weed on fire.

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