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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by DaFluffyDankness, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. DaFluffyDankness

    DaFluffyDankness New Member

    So my friend wants to put delysum in his bong and I'm unsure to whether or not it's a good idea.
  2. PrincessGreen

    PrincessGreen New Member

    Idk about others here, but I personally wouldn't mess around with cough syrup in a bong or bubbler. Soda, juice or some other non-alcoholic drink sure (using alcohol in a bong seems like a waste to me, use something else and drink the booze), but not cough meds. Then again, I'm the type of person that only drinks and uses MJ - don't need any other highs. :)

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