Water purification tabs/iodine permanent system cleanse?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by superman_99, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. superman_99

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    I just saw this posted on another site. Anyone know if it has any validity and whether it will work.
    1) go to walmart
    2) go the the outdoor section of wall mart
    3) ask the friendly cleark a question
    4) the question you should ask is where are the water purification tabs (also known as iodine)
    5) when she shows you where they are grab a bottle or two
    6) go to the cashier in the front of the store and buy the tablets
    7) go home
    8) oh wait a min turn around
    9) you need to buy a galllon of water culligan works best
    10) ok now go home
    11) when you get there find an empty quart size bottle
    12) fill the bottle up and place 3 tablets in it
    13) let the bottle sit until the tablets disolve
    14) do not shake the bottle until the tablets are completely disolved
    15) once the tablets are disolved shake the bottle for 20 seconds
    16) then let the bottle sit for 15 more min
    17) chug the entire bottle and then refill it and drink that bottle withen an hour
    18) go take a piss
    19) that first piss you take will be hot
    20) from then on you are weed free until you smoke again

    ive done this for the last five years ive been in the army i know it works

    im going to go and get blown now

    bye bye

    pothead master
  2. Buzzby

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    It sounds like a combination of dilution and luck. Drinking two quarts of water shortly before a urine test will significantly reduce the concentration of THC metabolites in your urine, especially if you empty your bladder before taking the test.

    I can't find evidence anywhere that the potassium iodide tablets used to kill microorganisms in water have any kind of effect on tests for THC. While this procedure has worked for you (congratulations!) there are more effective and reliable procedures outlined in the following links:

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2
  3. Squirl4/420

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    I dunno?!?!? Ur post 1st states..."is there any validity to this?" then u state," ive been doing it for the past 5 yrs. for the army," and it works!?!?! I dunno dude...Ive got a UA for the army on mon. the 6th, and ive always wanted to be a soldier more specifically SF, even now after I grad. college cum laude, Im willing to do whatever poss. to pass and I will give this a try, however when i do pass i probably will not give the iodine method much credence, mostly the H2O and detox drink i think. Oh yea get a "blow" for me too!!! Need one BAAADDDDD!!!! LOL!!! :cool:

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