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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by auntmary, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. auntmary

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    all my friends believe bongs arent very good for you because smoking out of them puts water on your lungs. i am an argumentative sorta person and i said that surely if this is the case, then taking a hot shower would be deadly ;) heh

    the more i hear it the more i believe THEM... would anybody like to clear this up for me please?

    cheers ;)
  2. urban-ninja

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    Your right

    Id imagine that smoking out of a bong puts as much water in your lungs as taking a walk in the rain. Whats one of the crucial compnents in water vapor when it come to a bong? Heat, and Ive held a bong that got hot enough to create large amounts of billowing steam. Anyway, dont most people say breathing steam is GOOD for you? Ive seen macinhe that they sell to serve this purpouse. Your a sharp one, as am I, and you caught your freinds ignorance.

    Hip, the Ninja
  3. Bailey1138

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    I think your friends are smoking entirely too much. There's nothing wrong with having water vapor in your lungs, and I don't think smoking out of a bong even puts it in there. Filtering the smoke through water will cool it and also take out some of the impurities. There's nothing that makes smoking out a bong unhealthier or healthier than smoking out of anything else.
  4. CocoaDrinker

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    Water bongs, on the contrary, are the most unhealthy forms of smoking. Not because it puts water vapor in your lungs (whoever said that must eat **** constantly) but because the water filters out the wrong stuff. Granted it traps a lot of tars and ****, but the THC bonds to the water so you get a horrible ratio of THC to tar in your lungs.

    This is what science says, but i still maintain that taking a hit off of a bong gets me SO much more baked than anything else, save a gravity bong or that crazy ****.

    I dont know what to believe, but the general accepted thing is that water bongs are pretty horrible for your health....
  5. Greenman

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    Compare the amount of smoke you inhale from a bong compared to say ... a pipe, or a joint, on a per hit basis. You inhale 2 or 3 times the smoke atleast. Even with the THC to tar ratio being one of the worst, you inhale more smoke to compensate. Of course, more smoke, all at once, is one of the main reasons why it is unhealthy to begin with :)

  6. auntmary

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    thanx for the replies!

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