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    Ok, well I had no idea where to put this thread, but I am straight up dying. I am unable to smoke weed for 5 days, and when I can I use that as my main source of pain medication, if I have reason for it. If any has any knowledge or experience or links, dealing with how much of this I can take at a time. I have a high tolerance to pain medications and I usally have to take 6 vikaden just to feel somthing. I just got my wisdom teeth out and I can't stand this pain, If anyone can tell me or lead me to something that can help me in inteligently going on and taking a stronger dose of this medicine. Im only supposed to take 1 every 4 hours.. shit aint working lol. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it, Thanks, and again sorry if this is going against posting guidelines or w/e, but I'm really desperate for answers, and I figured, someone on here could possibly help.

    sorry if this is an incorrect place to post..
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    ps.. I can't smoke on it which, I think would be a great pain killer but they say I can't smoke for 5 days :(
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    in b4 :lock:
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    Well actually dude.... I would definitly suggest talking to your Dentist, or GP. The stuff they give you is pretty strong. I soldiered through 3 days with only 2 pills. My throat swelled shut so I couldn't swallow anything. I lost a bunch of weight, and basically didn't move at all for the first 2 days. The third I couldn't eat still. Gatorade helped a bunch.

    Pain is in your mind.
    All in.
    No matter how much it hurts, you have it under control.

    I smoked on my 3rd day, and I enjoyed it., It is quite a numbing agent. Its not like normal painkillers that just mask the pain with a dull sense. Weed actually goes to the source. I understand you cant inhale anything for a few days to prevent dry socket. I would suggest either gentle parichutes like I did, or edibles. Nothing stressful, like a pipe/bong/ and ESPECIALLY a joint. Joints will fuck up the sockets

    Be strong.

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