Ways to pass drug tests fast?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by PolishPablo, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Hey guys, so prior to to recently, I have been smoking at least once every 3 days. I got caught because I didn't think. My boss asked if I was smoking weed (i came into work all tired, and she thought I was high) I told her I was not high. I thought she would drug test me so i told her i tried smoking once 2 weeks ago. Thats what got me into all this....... Shes now going to be talking to me for a while. I have no idea why. I made up a story of how i got it and everything. And yet, she still thinks "something is going on" I told her I found it on the street. (so she doesn't know I have a dealer, and she believes it)

    So I will be taking probably a 1-2 month break. but when I start again i will be using very lightly. Only when no one is home and out of a bong.

    To get to the point....What are some very good helpful tips to get marijuana out of your system? This is supposed to be a thread for everyone and anyone...So it has to be something even a minor can buy. (and it can't be off online)

    Thank you guys for all your help! And your welcome if this thread helps anyone out!
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    You should really just quit if it's causing issues at work. You'd be amazed how productive you can be without an Indica in your system.
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    Ok a on the spot test is the easiest test to pass just drink 2 gallons of water before the test and take lots of vitamin b to put the yellow back in your urine that much water running through your bladder will have it functioning at its fullest potential there for none of the thc will be able to seep in from the fat cells in your bladder you will have about 2 hours before the toxins start to make there way back in unless you keep drinking None of the store bought cleaners work I've been burned this is the only way Now this method is only for the on the spot tests! If your sample is being sent to a lab then it's a different more complicated process, but it works guaranteed. First find someone with clean urine be sure it's clean, if your still smoking wash your hands before handling the urine or anything that has to do with the test! The urine will stay good in the fridge in a sealed bottle for a very very long time. On the day of the test take your clean sample I like to use an Ibuprofen bottle with a snap on lid it holds just enough and it's small. Put some paper towels down in the microwave and set it for 2 mins take the lid off and make sure there is no metal on the rim of the bottle or it will spark You must stop the microwave every 3 to 5 seconds or it will boil over keep doing this till the sample is very very hot way hotter than you need it it will cool before you get there put the lid on clean the bottle and go to the lab in the parking lot tape the bottle to your inner thigh it might burn a little but it's worth it go in wait they will prob have you empty your pockets but luckley it's taped to your inner thigh So go in to the bathroom take your time fill the cup with your clean urine and use some of your own in the tolet they look for that! and for god sakes do not leave the bottle in the bathroom tape it back to your leg! and there you go you just passed your UA unless you didn't get your sample hot enough before you left there's no such thing as to hot you can also get a hot patch at walmart to wrap it up in on the way there!!! just don't forget your duct tape. It does hurt but it pays off!!!! Hope I could help!
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