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Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by CabinetGrower, May 25, 2011.

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    I have one plant. About 6 inches tall and a month old. Ive seen other people complaining about weak stems and methods to fix it early on. How late is too late? After reading other posts on here i have tied my plant up to some supports and moved it about an inch or two away from my fluro light. I also have a fan near the plant, but am afraid to put too much breeze on it. Any recommendations? This is only my second grow ever, and the first batch had to be scrapped. Still learning.
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    A light breeze is all you need, either directly or point the fan towards the wall and let the wind hit it (in-directly) bouncing off the wall, per say.

    all you can do now is let the plant grow on its own, the fan will help it to strengthen its stem, and is good for fresh air flow too. in the future, when using fluro's/led's try to keep the plant as close to the light as possible, fluro's/led's don't get hot enough to burn the plants and they wont end up long/weak and spindley.

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    Well i had seen your reply to somebody else, telling them the same thing, so i just moved it real close to the light about 30 minute ago :p but it was probably 9 or 10 inches away before. my other plants died because of the spindlyness, ive got one lonely survivor.
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    i read that potassium makes the stems stronger
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    whats the temperature (measured in k) on your fluoro's? 2700k or numbers around there (commonly reffered to as warm white) emit more light in the red part of the visible spectrum. This light is great for the growth of flowers and the reproductive systems of plants which all grow really well once the plant has established a good healthy support system (stems and leaves) light in the 6500k range emits more light in the blue spectrum which better promotes the growth of stems and leaves and roots.

    use this information along with the tips about moving your lights closer and using a fan and you should see great results.
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  6. CabinetGrower

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    I'm not really sure, it's just a regular grow light from walmart. Back when I bought it I wasnt real concerned about all that.

    24 hours after I moved my plant closer to the light, the top leaves are way greener and way perkier. Also, fan is on it enough just to make the plant vibrate. Still has string helping it stand up straight. Also yesterday, I added some new feed to the pot, and the very bottom set of leaves has brown around the edges. I heard these were supposed to fall off anyway, but believe it may be a chemical burn from what I added yesterday. I poured a small amount of water around the stem to try and wash some of the chemicals away from the roots. Poured very little tho because I watered it only one or two days ago. Overall, the plant is impressive for what I've done so far :p.

    I've had my plant hoisted to a stick holding it up. Today I removed the stick, replaced it with a section of a metal close hanger that i cut into pieces. I used a long straight piece, and put a straw around it and the stem. I heard the idea on these forums. I put more fan on it now that it can take a little more. Also, the bottom pair of leaves (not the first leaves that come out of the shell, but the next ones up) are way darker green and not as perky looking as the other two levels of leaves. How normal is that?

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