Weed affects bone healing?

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    Hello! Just joined up to this great site. I recently broke my collar bone, and had to have a metal plate put in as it was such a bad break. That was three weeks ago, had an x ray today and things are looking good but I need to wait for the bone to fully knit together. I've been smoking weed on perhaps, 10 of the 25 days its been say. Not fat sessions, usually just a bowl out of a bubbler. My question is whether I should be smoking the chronic or not! And, if so, how much? I've looked all around google but had so many mixed reviews, so this seemed like a good place to ask. From what i've gathered smoking ciggies effects it badly, and perhaps smoking in general does. Does the thc affect it though? And if its just based on the idea of smoking, then one toke which is enough to get me high, is that adversely affecting my bones?

    Anyways, let me know what you think!
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  2. gunzngreenz

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    Nobody? Nothing?!
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    I really doubt weed would have an effect on bone growth. The smoke can't be good for it, but I really doubt that one toke a day or so would affect it. If you're still paranoid, ask your doctor.
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    gunzn -
    You don't say how old you are. That said, here is but one of many articles you may find of interest.

    Age When Marijuana Used Affects Bone Health. Note however that the results are preliminary and this is but one study.

    You really need to take the time to do some research as this subject seems to be rather complicated.

    Frankly I wouldn't necessarily be quick to assume that vaporizing as opposed to smoking (or ingesting) would necessarily be better. In the case of the latter we're gaining the benefits of a full spectrum of cannabinoids as opposed to that from vaping which results in a higher % of THC while eliminating access to a number of available cannabinoids otherwise available. From much of what I've read (as well as empirical evidence) there seems to be a higher ratio of relief when allowing the full spectrum of cannabinoids to act synergisticlly than not.

    Insofar as the comment that you should "consult your doctor if you're still paranoid", I don't see that as being helpful, let alone pertinent.
    Yours is a thoughtful and intelligent question. Consulting those in the medical profession who are trained for years to understand and treat issue like yours isn't remotely 'paranoid', it's just good common sense...
  5. Buzzby

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    My understanding is that all you need to do to get the full spectrum of cannabinoids from väping is to turn the temperature up. All cannabinoids will vaporize before reaching the ignition temperature of the wëed.
  6. sterbo

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    Well, I'm certainly open to that possibly being so however that's not been my understanding.
    All the research I've ever seen has been clear insofar as full combustion being the trigger point of full spectrum release...
  7. PMan

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    I guess I'm more afeared of that blue/yellow chunk of ice falling from an airliner at 30,000 feet landing on me. I think I'll burn one and not worry about it! KnowwutImean?

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    Sorry...no disrespect intended with the "blue yellow ice chunk" thingy! I'm thankful for every day the good lord gives me...we gotta die from sumthin and I don't think I'd worry about the bone healing is what I meant! The smokin affect is minimal! I've survived cancer (ball) and the magic weed helped me deal with the effects of the radiation...I'm more into the comfort side of it than the side effects side...smoke away dude!

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  9. sterbo

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    Good point, thanks for the realignment PMan... :)

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