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    I've always wondered about this. I know what THC is but I'd like to learn more about the plant itself. Like I hear people talking about trichomes, but I have no idea what they are. And why do you only smoke the buds and not the rest of the plant? If anyone could go into detail about this, that would be great.:confused:
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    There's so many details you'll want to search for specifics...
    Trichomes are the sticky resin glands on the plant...when looked at closely they resemble baby mushrooms. They are clear or milky in the earlier stages of life and amber to red towards the end. They can be collected and smoked and are very potent.

    We don't always just smoke the buds- sometimes the tiny leaves on the buds are so covered in resin glands that they're better than smoking street-mids...but generally the buds are the only raw plant material that is smoked simply because it is the part of the plant that contains the most psychoactive chemicals. It isn't that the rest of the plant is worthless, which is why it is used to cook with or to make hash or a tincture of extract, it just doesn't contain enough THC to make smoking it very practical.

    Hope that helps kickstart the knowledge journey. Like I said before, there's just sooooo much to learn about this wonderful plant that it would probably be easier to first read and study the FAQs and guides, then to search for specific things you want to know about.

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    I understand that there's a ton of details, but what if everyone just put in their two cents about a specific part of the plant that they know a lot about? I'm sure everyone could learn something that they didn't know. *cue "the more you know" music from nbc*:thumb:

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