Weed and Seizures

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by JackMalone, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. JackMalone

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    Whats the effects of marijuana on people with seizures? Ive heard alot and I was wondering what everyone thought.:xmas:
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    My best friend has a seizure disorder that was caused by an auto accident head injury three decades ago. When he can smoke on a daily basis he doesn't have seizures or only very mild ones. When he can't smoke the seizures are much more frequent and severe; they're debilitating.

    To get this positive effect he doesn't need to be stoned all the time. A few tokes once a day does the trick.
  3. corey1369

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    Epilepsy and TetraHyrdoCanibinol

    I have epilepsy and I have had it since I was 15, my life was controlled by the fear that I might have a seizure in a very bad location. My neurologist prescribed a drug that was later taken off the market by the FDA because it caused extreme depression and suicidal tendecies. I have experianced many episodes of depression and I have tried to kill myself 8 times so far. My doctors tried antidepressants with no success. Finally I started to do some reasearch and found that marijuana can stiple the side effects of anticonvulsants and can even prevent seizures. So I started smoking and I havent expreianced a single sizure as long as I kept up my smoking, b/c marijuana can also cause seizures when u just up and stop smoking.
    But the weirdest thing is that whenever I have a seizure and later smoke, my high is really diffrent.
  4. SmokeyMcPott

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    That's interesting... Do elaborate :)
  5. urania3

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    You mean this specifically for you, or even possibly more generally the epileptic, correct? I have never seen any reports of seizures as result of cession of marijuana, or even THC, use in healthy adults.
  6. oneluv4boognish

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    Seems like he refers to epileptics...only thing i've heard of causing seizures from quitting cold turkey is alcohol

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