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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by stolenstoner, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. stolenstoner

    stolenstoner New Member

    hi all. new member here, so be kind :)

    a question: does anybody know if there are any complications regarding smoking cannabis before and/or after cosmetic surgery? ive been told by my surgeon to quit smoking at least a month before the operation, but im a daily user. also she thinks im just smoking cigarettes, not cannabis. which brings me onto another point. i have to have a blood test next week and im unsure whether they will check for marijuana or not. im not bothered about them finding out im smoking illicit substances, just worried that they will push back my surgery until im clean. also if smoking post-op is still gonna affect the healing process, could i get away with using my vapouriser instead? does cannabis interact at all with anaesthetic during the operation, or with the painkillers theyll give me afterwards?

    soz for so many queries. any info anyone can give would be muchly appreciated. :D
  2. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    When I had surgery on my knee ( ACL tear), I smoked up to day of surgery and when I got home. No complications with pain meds or with them pushing it back. But thats just me.
  3. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    There issue was with cosmetic surgery though? What is that exactly? I would guess along the lines of plastic surgery or something of that sort.
  4. cepheus

    cepheus New Member

    i had surgery to straighten a deviated septum, and i even mentioned to the doctors earlier that i smoked weed regularly, and they didn't say anything about it messing with surgery. i smoked the day before and the day after.

    if there is an issue with smoking and your particular surgery, perhaps it's dependent on the part of the body. for instance, when you get your wisdom teeth pulled out and they tell you not to smoke, it's because of the sucking motion and how it can pull the clots out. so if your surgery is on your face or neck area, maybe they tell you not to smoke because it forces you to use muscles that could compromise your healing? i don't know, just an idea.
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    It is my understanding that a person should tell the Anethesiologist that they use marijuana, so that they can adjust anethesia accordingly, if needed. I knew a person that needed a little more anesthetic because their tolerance was so high from using marijuana.

    Other than that, just be careful mixing marijuana with RX pain meds. The effects are greatly increased.
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  6. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    Not sure about surgery but I am only 18 and have already had surgery for a tumor in my ear and a rare case of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart lining). And when the doctor asked about any alcohol, drug use, etc. I told him that I smoked marijuana and he said 'eh, nothin to worry about.' Is that or is that not evidence from a medical figure that ganja really is not harmful?
  7. stolenstoner

    stolenstoner New Member

    thanks for all your comments guys. keep em coming :)
    the surgery is on my chest (no im not having implants, just having things readjusted). the reason im sposed to quick smoking is cos its bad for the immune system and helping the body recover, therefore my scars might not heal brilliantly. regarding weed though, sounds like i should just let em know a few minutes before they put me under. lol. im not too concerned about painkillers and weed, im no stranger to it (btw what sort of painkillers am i likely to get? is it just gona be like a stronger version of ibruprofen/paracetamol, or is it likely to be a painkiller with codeine or something in it?).

    lol imFADED. id definitly take that as an endorsement of marijuana by the medical community :p ive had therapists and the like say the same thing to me about smoking weed
  8. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    hahah that is what I thought. I mean, a doctor straight up told me that ganja smoking was nothing to worry about while I was being diagnosed with a heart virus. Uhm.....legalization? :bananaride:
  9. mtvesuvius

    mtvesuvius New Member

    I just underwent a surgery to have a cyst removed and I was prescribed Lorcet (hydrocodone, more powerful version of Vicodin). There's a good chance you might be prescribed some form of hydrocodone, whether it be Lorcet, Vicodin ES or something else. I've smoked several times now while also under the medication and it just makes me very sleepy, no complications tho.
  10. awd4g63

    awd4g63 New Member

    Probably the most widely used are Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. Both are potent narcotic painkillers and are prone to nausea in people not familiar with them. Because of the way these chemicals interfere with your digestive and nervous system, marijuana use can sometimes intensify the nausea. I've had cases after my hand surgery where it actually helped in pretty low doses. Let your doctor know that you smoke, and let him or her know that you're not familiar with the pain medications and how marijuana may interfere with them.
  11. Jk73

    Jk73 New Member

    I have no idea if this will even make it to you 2 years later, but I really want to know if u quit while recovering or not. I am having cosmetic sx in November. I am also a daily user.
  12. shikha1230

    shikha1230 New Member

    It depends on what surgery that will be performed. because smoking weed before surgery will 100% put you at risk. because in surgery, you will be put anesthetic that honestly in some smokers will probably going to be a good way.it will probably keep him/her in a mediator before surgery starts. in not influencing but i conjecture that it's not going to affect the patient when it has too much influence rather than normal.
  13. shikha1230

    shikha1230 New Member

    this will not take an effect or inter fear when you are thinking about the medicines. weed effects just take a little time and swing by later.

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