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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Jamedzy, Jun 14, 2005.

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    i have a problem. I've been smoking weed for almost 10 years, cigs too- Twice in the past 3 years i've been extremely sick, soar throat and swollen lymph glands in my throat. After the last time I got real sick it started happening more and more, but w/ me not getting as sick. My right gland usually swells more than left and right side of throat and right ear feel irritated. I mainly smoked out of cigars. My thraot got real red w/ swollen right lymph node about a week and a half ago after smokeing so i quit until tonite. I was getting better but i wanted to try a bong, hoping it would be less harsh on my throat (i have also tried papers). My right gland swelled up and throat still feels irritated. I now kinda feel like it was the weed, but why would this happen??? I've been to a doc (I didn't mention that i smoked wd) She said she doesnt think its cancer- that it could be allergies. but I dont get allergy symptoms. Can anybody help???? PLEASE
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    Smoking anything compromises your health. The fact that you smoked from cigars and you have been smoking from 10 years are factors. I know cigarette smokers who get bronchitis every year like clockwork. The swollen lymph nodes are just an immune response to an infection. By smoking anything you are making yourself vulnerable to infection. If you have a sore throat/uri you generally dont want to be taking bong hits. It is only going to make it worse and prolong the sickness. Its not marijuana specifically its the smoking in general.

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