Weed before bed?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Slightlystoopid, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Ok, I know this topic was brought up before, but I'm wondering what the current opinion is on smoking weed then going to bed. Do you witness any positive or negative effects?
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  2. Jmoney1442

    Jmoney1442 New Member

    I, personally smoke before bed just about everyday. I will just sit in my room and smoke a few bong packs and then just chill for about an hour. By that time, im not really high anymore(stupid high tolerance) and i start to get really tired< so i smoke the last cigarette of the da and knock out. As for negative effects, some people experience a "pot hangover" in the morning where for the first waking hour or so they will be extremely tired and groggy, but that is usually fixed by a cup of coffee or 2... or 9
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  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I vape before bed every night. I have a sleep disorder that causes me to dream non-stop and not get any deep sleep. The cannabis suppresses REM sleep for a while and gets me some rest.
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  4. THC Is King

    THC Is King New Member

    I have recently begun toking just before before bed, knowing that I'm going to lie down, and I haven't experienced any negative effects such as insomnia or inability to get comfortable. There have been times that I've been tired and toked to wake myself up though, too: usually had to more or less force myself to stay awake though (the mj just helped).

    As for positive effects, I strongly believe it helps me sleep by soothing me and enabling me fall out more quickly. Hope this helps bro!
  5. highandhappy

    highandhappy New Member

    good, i was at a friends house once and we smoked some weed before bed and it was nice, helped me relax and numb out any bad feelings, i felt pretty good and went to bed happy haha
  6. FischerKing

    FischerKing New Member

    I just smoked last night before bed. I stayed up longer than usual but got the best sleep I've had in a while
  7. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Guest

    As a long time smoker my tolerance has lead me to take a few dabs before bedtime - then a hit of some type of OG Indica, for the terpenes...

  8. Your picture just made me want legalization in my state so much more.... Here you never know what you get. It's a little off topic but I felt the need to say it.
  9. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    I prefer to smoke about half an hour before bed, helps me relax and actually get to sleep. I have always had a bit of a sleeping disorder, and marijuana has always helped me get some rest.

    if i overdue it though, I will wanna ride my high out and usually dont sleep...which sucks lol

    never really get weed hangovers, as I am not a morning person really anyways. I am always kinda groggy and out of it in the mornings lmao

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