weed causes paranoia?????

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by TheLazyOne, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. TheLazyOne

    TheLazyOne New Member

    so i have a friend who used to smoke weed all the time. but about 2 months ago she stopped because she said it made her paranoid and anxious. so is this just her believing that the weed is making her paranoid or is the weed actually the cause of this.
  2. BlazinJays

    BlazinJays New Member

    Yeah paranoia is a side effect although not everyone gets it.
  3. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Paranoia is a side affect if you let it be
  4. nugatronica

    nugatronica New Member

    especially for girls who have weak minds they will get paranoid its all about your mental state when you smoke... If she has negative thoughts she will have a negative experience make sure she is in a positive state and she will be fine! Everyone is different though so she may react that way just because......

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