Weed Has Ruined My Life

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by lileballa, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. zappy

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    It sounds to me like you might have an underlying anxiety disorder, or something along the lines of that. If smoking weed is causing you all of this stress and anxiety, then stop smoking. It's as simple as that. However, you certainly do not need to be worried about staying high for several days from one weed session because that seems very unlikely. I myself smoke weed all the time and never experience anything like this, but everyones different.

    Oh and is caps really necessary? Not only does it make the text harder to read but it gives the impression that you're screaming every single word at the top of your lungs.
  2. Greensnap

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    Your mind is a powerful thing. Keep it strong.
  3. buddlydoright

    buddlydoright New Member

    I don't understand how someone can worry about going crazy. Just don't? There no need to worry.
  4. Texas Toker

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    As a sufferer of presbyopia I LIKE ALL CAPS . I CAN SEE IT. But please use spell-check. And ya its in your head .
  5. solomons_lion

    solomons_lion New Member

    Sounds like your extremely misinformed. Weed doesnt just "kick in" a day after you smoked. You seem very frantic, try psychological help.
  6. lileballa

    lileballa New Member

    I dont really know why it was kicking in a day after. it happened to other friend too. it kicked in a day after too. and it was tobacco with weed. haa. and well i went to sleep high and the next day it really did kicked in again.
  7. hyperdawg64

    hyperdawg64 New Member

    It 'happened' to me before. I am thinking it may have just been in my head, but I wouldn't have known better at the time since it was the morning after my first time smoking.

    Basically what happened was one evening, me and some friends smoked two bowls (my first time smoking), all was well and everything went fine.

    But the next day, I started feeling it coming on again... I wasn't worried or stressed about it since I enjoyed the initial experience, but it was interesting. Lasted maybe 3 hours, more mild that the original high.

    I have also had panic attacks / passed out too, but those occured when I first started smoking and still didn't completely know what I was in to. It has been quite a while since then and I have been smoking a good amount and I haven't had any highs out of the ordinary.

    Maybe weed isn't for you?
  8. Dubber

    Dubber New Member

    sure your not just... well you know...
    Too be honest you may just have terrible tolarence like I do, but I aint tripping out and I love being high!
  9. snowboard_loser

    snowboard_loser Sr. Member

    yeah. word to the eye deaf. gotta represent that shit.
    however heres my thoughts to the original poster.
    i think if you're new to mind altering substances it can have a substantial impact on your regular life. these things can "open" a new way of thinking you may never have thought possible. perhaps this is why you thought the herb kicked in again the next day? it's not scientifically possible, but in all honesty it could be in your head. ive had a few off topic trips that really changed the way i think. it could have been percieved that i was still high the next day, but i think it was really just
    an altered state of reality.

    either way, if things get too hectic talk to a good friend of yours, worst comes to worst psychiatrist. i think most of us have been at a place now or then where we think we've fried our brains completely.
    to me its just another friday night, lol.

    either way, to the original poster, hope things are all good for you and it was a positive experience.
    marijuana isn't for everyone. take from it what you can!
  10. co0lk1ll

    co0lk1ll New Member

    Ok, these guys look like spammers, both of them, stop trying to spread negative propaganda.
  11. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    What are they spamming? A concept? An experience? Why is it propaganda? Do you think they're on an anti cannabis campaign? You think we should ban all posts that aren't pro pot?

    These are rhetorical questions. I don't want any answers, just some tolerance. ;)
  12. hyperdawg64

    hyperdawg64 New Member

    You are completely and utterly retarded. I love smoking weed and I am just mentioning things that I have experienced. I am not trying to bullshit you, I even said it may have been in my head. Like I said, I love smoking weed, so why the fuck would I try to turn people against it?

    [Mod Note: Calling another member "retarded" is considered flaming in these forums and will not be tolerated. Please reread the Posting Guidelines and refrain from letting this happen again in the future]
  13. Hemply

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    OP it is highly unlikely that "weed has runied your life", you're 16 years old you do not have a life yet.

    I'm gonna tell you a story of when I was a much younger man. I was hanging on the corner with my boys as we did nightly passing a joint around. When the joint got to me I noticed something didn't taste "right"? After taking my hit I asked my boy if the joint was laced with anything? He told me it was indeed laced with "wet" (pcp), I immediately stopped smoking the joint!

    Another one of my boys didn't stop and later had a psychotic episode; thankfully I wasn't high and was able to watch out for him the rest of the night making sure he got home safely. Oh and I waited until my boy... who didn't tell me the joint had wet in it (until I asked) got nice and high, then I slapped the shit out of him for passing me that crap. Totally fucked up his high but he deserved it!

    The point I'm making here is you can never be certain what you are smoking when someone else passes you a strange joint? I don't care who it is, my friend never told me about the pcp until I asked; even though that was just wrong he and I are still friends some 30+ years later.

    Your verbose description of what has been taking place over the last month has not been caused by THC. The fact that you have obsessed over this for the past month is something else to consider, perhaps you should question your friend once again as to what was in that joint? If he/she even knows?

    If you continue to have these feelings I would seek some medical advice. Could you have been poisoned by something else that was in the joint? Perhaps? You wouldn't know unless you had blood work ordered by a doctor and considering the metobolic rate of a 16 year old I highly doubt anything at all is still in your system.

    If these feelings of obsessing over this or other issues persist you should consider talking to a professional. There are loads of free programs right in your area I'm sure that deal with drug issues among teens. You could walk right into one of these places and ask to speak to someone, it would be completely confidential (by law) so no one else would know but you.

    There is no such thing as "tripping" from smoking a joint. THC does not induce psychotic episodes, and yes, "obsessing" is a mild psychotic episode. Maybe you're just too young to handle marijuana and its effects? Just stop smoking it, try it again if you like a few years down the road.

  14. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    Have you posted under a different handle?
    The reason I'm asking is that you sound a lot like another poster that claimed pot had wrecked his health.
    D*mn I can't remember his name, just the statement he made about how he had heard from a friend that knew someone who was there when a person died from a bong hit.

    His handle is "brento".
  15. sombdy

    sombdy New Member

    Marijuana Ruined my life!

    I personally think that it is something else making you feel the way you do! I have NEVER heard of anyone freaking out just from smoking a joint! But who knows maybe it is the weed! But I doubt it! It is my own opinion!
  16. libertine420

    libertine420 New Member

    I can't offer any real medical advice but I would say that since you seem very upset about all this it could be very likely that you're actually having low-level panic attacks or anxiety attacks due to THINKING about weed. The most common cause of panic attacks, ironically, is fear of having another panic attack. Especially if you had a panic attack at some point while stoned (which is likely as it speeds up the heart rate signifigantly).
    My advice would, in general, would be to leave all recreational drugs and alcohol alone until you're somewhere around 21-25 years old.
    Also, go to a dr an talk about how you may be having panic attacks. Maybe try .25-.5 mg of Xanax. DO NOT USE XANAX RECREATIONALLY, the comedown can potentionally be lethal.
  17. Copello

    Copello New Member

    Alright then!

    I was 19 when I tried cannabis the first time. It was during a music festival and I tried it a few times during the weekend. I had my panic attack first when I came home. Yes, there where a lot of alcohol as well during this trip. Yes, its strange that I had a cannabis induced panic attack the day after.

    Dont really see, or remember, my thought pattern clearly when I panicked, but I was having theese ackward feelings and thoughts throughout the whole day after I had smoked. When I panicked, I thought, like many of you, that I was about to die. My life was over. I struggled for hours before I went to sleep by exthaustion.

    Next morning when I woke up, I searched for the symtoms, found them and panicked again. Went to the hospital and saw a physician. I got no help other than the suggestion that I should chill down.

    My conclusion, at the time, having no other knowledge, was that this was an effect of the hash I had smoked. I knew nothing about panic disorders, but that was what I developed. During my condition I canalised all my fears to what I saw as a fact - It was the drug that had given me this feelings and thus this condition. Theese thougts made me paralized with fear, leaving me with agoraphobia and all the other side effects of panic disorder.

    Actually, I could go on with this condition this very day if I wanted to, fueling the anxious thoughts and constantly looking for symtoms and proof that cannabis had destroyed my life. You need to change your perception of what is the danger and what is not.

    Coping with, and getting through panic disorder, is possible, when you understand that the fears are only fears of the fears itself. The fears are alive because you, yourself, are fueling them. When you learn that there is nothing on "other side" of the fears, understanding that when you stop hiding from the fears, and stop scanning your body and mind searching for various symtoms, there is nothing to fear, then you are on your way to become cured from panic attacks.

    If I at the time of my first panic attack, had had a different approach towards it, it would never had accelerated. It would be nothing. This goes for every panic attack, anyone is having, during a high, or during any other situation in life.

    That theese feeling can come to some of us is a fact, from reading this thread alone. But its the way we interpret them, choose to see them, that will decide weather we panic or not.

    I know several people who choose bungy jump, parachuting, conflicts, or even war to experience adrenaline or fear. Some of them, I know, like when cannabis gives them a "roller coast ride feeling". They actually like fear because they have a different perception of fear, then I had.

    So if you are feeling anxious or having anxious thoughts about how you came to feel during your high! Understand that you created the anxious thoughts yourself, because you think that you are protecting yourself by having the theese fearful thoughts. You are scanning possibilities to feel anxious because this is a quite natural behaviour for many of us when we want to feel safe. That just normal protective behaviour. If you have not got over your panic related to cannabis, you must understand that its your perception. Its you! Its your thougts around the matter, not the matter it self. Beating hart, sweating, or a funny feeling in your stomac. Its how you choose to see theese sensations that determind how you feel about them.

    If you where to want to have a panic attack, during a high, it would be quite impossible. This approach alone would disarm a panic attack with an instant.

    Once I started trying to have panic, or even try to empower the anxious thougts, rather then fighting it, my panic slowly went away.

    Next time you panic or having anxious thoughts when smoking, dont scan your body or mind looking for trouble, try to move with it, or try to make the sensations your feeling even worse, and you will see that your body and mind loose interest in getting panic. Its the same as getting over any other fears or phobias. Once you move towards it, you have a different experience, and your mind learn the reality, rather than react to fantasies.

    Good Luck!
  18. eclipse98

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  19. FourTwentyxx

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    yes it is def in your head. sounds like an anxiety disorder. go to the doctor and see what they say (nothing to worry about)
  20. BossCash

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    From my own personal opinion I would have to say that maybe it is all in your head? Or maybe it is a more serious health problem. I have never heard or have had the effects of weed last as long as you have had this issue going on. Go see a doctor.

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