Weed in Aruba?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by LawnBoy, Jan 14, 2004.

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    I will be going to Aruba during the summer with my girlfriend, and I'm wondering what kind of mentality they have when it comes to weed, and also if it is easy available from people on the streets and such.

    Thank you
  2. Been to Aruba many times. Not technically property of the Dutch anymore so they do not share the same liberal attitudes. If you do find weed in Aruba, you will have to go through a bartender or the like. But be aware, it is nothing like Nederweed. It is yuckie! I have smoked with friends in Aruba and the weed is brownish and not very potent. I made friends with a bartender at one of the bars in town (sorry I cannot reveal the source), and he always found some. It is very illegal, however I have never seen a police officer while in Aruba. Now, Curacao is more Dutch than Aruba. Weed is also illegal there, but somehow in town it is easier to find, but still crappy. If you want Caribbean and Weed, go to Jamaica. You will get sick of weed after a few days of having it shoved in your face all the time. They were crawling out of the trees on our beach to sell us weed. Aruba is great though. The water and the fun make up for the lack of weed. Have fun
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    Jamaica sounds dooopee

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