Weed in Chicago?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Pornosec84, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Pornosec84

    Pornosec84 New Member

    I asked this before, and for some reason the thread got deleted. I don't see why.

    Simple question; how plentiful is the green in Chicago, how good is it and how expensive is it? Tia.
  2. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    You can't ask about gettin hooked up from someone I guess which may have been what happened to your other thread.
  3. Pornosec84

    Pornosec84 New Member

    Yeah, that makes sense. I really didn't think I implied that, and besides, there's other threads open where people ask directly to be hooked up.

    Regardless, I'd really appreciate it if this could stay open.
  4. imported_chan

    imported_chan Sr. Member

    well im in the chicago burbs and the weed is good but it all depends on your dealer, mine gets it from canada so it just depends on the dealer
  5. Pornosec84

    Pornosec84 New Member

    Thanks. If anybody else can tell me anything else but doesn't wanna say it in public for whatever reason, you could IM me or something. Well, later.
  6. afish70

    afish70 New Member

    looking for pipes

    i live out towards plainfild, i was wondering where i can find a good selection of pipes out here. can anyone help?
  7. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    I live in st louis. Right now the hash is going around very cheap. People are practically giving it away, its less expensive then weed at times.

    The herb is fairly cheap here. I get nice $20 sacks at 4-7 grams commertial grade and fair, to good quality. Im smoking some nice sativa today, got 5grams for 20.
  8. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    I live in some suburbs about 20 minutes from the city.

    The herb is plenty plentiful, and quality ranges from pretty good to famous strain quality. $50 - $60 per 8th.
  9. KingOat420

    KingOat420 New Member

    See whats up with this "per 8th"? Who buys 8ths? How much is an OUNCE in chicago or a QP?

    I know in Cleveland it's $160 an ounce and in Houston is $50 for one... so Chicago being the city that it is, I imagine i'd be around around the Cleveland rates, possibly lower.
  10. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    EDIT: Lol I thought i double posted but i didnt. Two different posts, Phillip!

    Basically what I said was that this guy is being dumb because i bet more people buy quantites around 8th size then OZ size.

    I also told him to not make up numbers.
  11. imported_weedfiend

    imported_weedfiend New Member

    Gentlemen, Gentlemen, RELAX its just a forum where fellow potheads can merge to become one united clan against the evils of the laws that try to bring the marijuana smoking community down. Sorry kinda got carried away. What I meant to say is BE NICE and enjoy a bowl, joint, blunt, or something that will get you two high. :afro:
  12. imported_chan

    imported_chan Sr. Member

    lol i only buy in 1/8ths or 1/4's, but i have bought a coupple oz they were 300 for some really good dank. $50, bull**** thats probably some brickweed
  13. KingOat420

    KingOat420 New Member

    For $50 it is some brick weed, but it's still a deal. You can roll massive joints and feel ok about it. And the weed in Cleveland is incredible, all homegrown indoors for $160 a z. Granted, I have paid $300 for an ounce and it was seedless and worth it, but i've gotten the same exact stuff for much less.

    I'm driving 6 hours to cleveland tomarrow for some weed... such a pain in the ass, but worth it at the same time.
  14. Reefaroni

    Reefaroni New Member

    If you want GOOD weed in chicago, you're gonna look at a normal $20/gram $60/8th $110ish for quads and about 300 for ounces of GOOD weed.

    You people bragging about 160 dollar ounces have probably not smoked quality weed in your life. Good weed goes for much more than 160 and ounce. Thats a mids price.
  15. Vex

    Vex New Member

    I live 20 min north of the city and I can get dank shiziat (lol sorry) for $60 an 1/8, and I believe it is grown by someone in the city.
  16. I live up in Kenosha about an hour north of the city an oz. of some real dank goes for about 300-350 an 1/8th of the same is 50 up here hope this helps.
  17. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    What? No bud anywhere goes for 300-350 an 8th....I hope to god you meant OZ.
  18. 300-350 AN 1/8th!?!?! I get those for 40 of dank. Man, i hope you do mean ounce. goarsh! haha! im so high.....
  19. Sorry meant an oz
  20. KingOat420

    KingOat420 New Member

    I guess this town isn't so bad... found a half for 90 and it's ok... a bit seedy, lower quality than what i'm used to - but it's something.

    It's hard moving to a new city and meeting people... 'specially about weed.

    Everyone in chicago is either black or mexican, which makes it impossible for a white guy like me to get weed cause I know that both of those races hate white people... blah

    I guess in this city they are going to start ticketing people for weed instead of instantly arresting people. I have mixed feelings about this because the whole reason they are doing this is because 95 percent of the cases get thrown out in court and just ticketing people is going to decrease that 95%.

    This town isn't too bad, although i do miss the metal scene of cleveland....

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