weed in fridge?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by lxcarnagelx, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. lxcarnagelx

    lxcarnagelx New Member

    so is it a good idea or a bad idea 2 keep weed in a fridge? and y? just wondering.......
  2. hector

    hector Sr. Member

    If you are storing weed for a long period of time then the fridge is a great place(cool,dark,air tight). THC degrades slower in these conditions.
  3. Blunts 4 Me

    Blunts 4 Me New Member

    I don't really think it matters. I can't think of anything that it could help/harm.

    Just keep it somewhere dry.
  4. lxcarnagelx

    lxcarnagelx New Member

    i dont smoke that much, like maybe 3.5 grams in a month, maybe 3 weeks
  5. hector

    hector Sr. Member

    then i would just keep it in a jar. fridge is for like yearly storage.
  6. lxcarnagelx

    lxcarnagelx New Member

    lol the reason im asking this is because i just read alot of info on moldy weed, im getting a bit paranoid is all. lol
  7. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    When legalization occurs,and it will,if you grow your own or buy in a quantity that will last you over 1 month,I would keep the extra in the freezer,keeping enough out for a couple of weeks worth. It will keep its potency and flavor as long as it is frozen,or at least all I have frozen has. It will be strange having a years supply in the freezer after legalization.
  8. lxcarnagelx

    lxcarnagelx New Member

    not strange, but ingenious muahahahahha,

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