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  1. JmaG

    JmaG Dutch Master

    when do you keep weed in a jar?

    what type of jar?

    what kind of weed should you put in there?

    whats the effect?

    how long do you leave it in the jar?
  2. Madamayo

    Madamayo New Member

    I keep weed in a jar when I have 1/2 oz. or more, and I keep it out of the bag. The only real reason I do it, is because I read somewhere that if you leave it in a glass jar, like a clean jelly jar, it's supposed to keep the flavor and potency much better than any baggy. Other than that though, I use tins. I never really like bags, too sketchy if you need to like, empty your pockets, AMEN to Altoids!

  3. DankDealer

    DankDealer New Age Krunk

    I use both plastic and glass air tight mason jars/containers.

    It keeps the weed as fresh as possible and allows it to stay that way for longer periods of time.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    I keep mine in a jar if its chronic. Regs dont get the red carpet treatment.
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  5. miSS Real

    miSS Real New Member

    I totally only keep bangin' bud in a jar just to keep it air tight and fresh. I also have this glass vile that I store weed in because it keeps it the freshest due to the tight seal. I suppose keeping it in jars would also let you keep it longer, but in my case, the weed is never around for too long [:
  6. philbert desanax

    philbert desanax New Member

    I keep mine in a recycled bread yeast jar. Dark brown glass, short jar and a wide mouth. Looks innocent. Good rubber seal keeps the stench in!!!
  7. Bodhi1976

    Bodhi1976 New Member

    The things that cause weed to loose potency, freshness, and flavor are air, heat, and light. Excessive moisture will cause it to mold. The answer to all of these potential problems is to keep your weed in airtight Mason jars, under vacuum, and in the refrigerator. There's an inexpensive gadget called a "Pump'N'Seal" that's made to suck all of the air out of such a container.

    The longest I've ever kept anything is a year. There was no noticeable decrease in potency or taste over that period of time.
  8. Sykes

    Sykes New Member

    i keep mine in an air tight zip bag, hide it in a cd game case.
  9. bluedeadbear

    bluedeadbear Sr. Member

    when do you keep weed in a jar? when its still on the stem, before you grind it up

    what type of jar? a glass jar with an airtight seal, such as a mason jar

    what kind of weed should you put in there? any weed really...schwag, mids, beasters, headies, etc

    whats the effect? keeps your weed fresher longer

    how long do you leave it in the jar? until you're ready to grind it up and smoke it
  10. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    all weed belongs in a jar, well to me anyways.

    it keeps it nice and sticky and smooth,

    if any trichomes fall off they dont stick to the glass, but in a bag they get stuck to the plastic.

    plus a jar can hold more and is reuseable and better for the environment. ( i take my jar to dealers instead of getting a bag then putting it in the jar)
  11. WeedMILF

    WeedMILF New Member

    Herb Preserve jars are the world's best weed jar!

    For the past two years I’ve been using the world’s best weed jar and only keep my chronic in these Herb Preserve jars. They are made out of deep violet glass so it is very discreet and you can hide your goodies from the kids! I buy in bulk to save more at the dispensaries and I just put it in these jars with no doubt in mind that my chronic will stay as dank as ever. I once accidentally kept my herb in the jars for more than 6 months and it stayed exactly the same- fresh and potent! The jars lock in the freshness by blocking out the harmful visible light rays and it is also airtight I love Herb Preserve jars! They even have 420 artistic design of an ancient Egyptian deity holding a bong! Haha cracks me up every single time I think of the clever design. The product is classy and elegant..great to show off to your friends that you have style in preserving your chronic! You are tripping or just not high enough if you don’t have these jars yet, get them at: herbpreserve . com
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  12. PolishPablo

    PolishPablo New Member

    I'm going to be getting a large altiod container. It will fit my small pipe, small lighter, and prob like 2-3 grams in a bag. Perfect for on the street, or in a car. Just make sure no one asks for one!
  13. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    i use mason jars,,,, easy to label,,, and keeps it fresh for long periods of time....
  14. Enjoy Jars

    Enjoy Jars New Member

    IMG_4873.jpg Also check out the Enjoy Jar. holds 4 different types of buds. www.EnjoyJars.com promo code: JEMM for a discount
  15. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

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  16. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Until I grind it to use it.

    I use pint canning jars and a vacuum pump to remove the air.


    It keeps the weed fresh for a couple of years.

    Until the jar is empty.
  17. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    I rock a jar for when I pick up O's and such. Helps keep it fresh.

    Anything smaller for personal use I keep in my stash can.

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