Weed in Spain

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by jlazz, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. jlazz

    jlazz New Member

    I'm going on vacation to Madrid and Barcelona next week. What kind of weed do they have there and where can I get it? Thx
  2. Ir0n_mE

    Ir0n_mE New Member

    Smoking in Barcelona would be sweet :).
  3. Darkdrift

    Darkdrift Sr. Member

    yeah ive always wondered this im to nervous to just go up to someone and be like, hey got ne weed. but ive always wanted to. a trick i find works though the 2 times ive done it, go up and ask someone for a lighter and then ask if they smoke weed or know if you can get some. usually cig. smokers are more open to marijuana then nonsmokers.
  4. jlazz

    jlazz New Member

    Yeah, but they most likely speak Spanish and I don't know any lol. How do you say "Do you have weed?" in spanish?
  5. Stoned247

    Stoned247 New Member

    You say "┬┐Tiene usted alguna hierba?" or "┬┐Tiene usted alguna marihuana? "
  6. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    the spanish roll weird joints, man, i'm telling you.

    i smoked a bit of hash (not soap, mind) in northern spain with a couple of boys camping up there, and they sort of reverse the cone; i.e. it gets thinner the further from the roach.

    don't worry about language; juswt find some student types and say "hashish? marijuana?" and you should be good to go.
  7. ZeppelinHero

    ZeppelinHero New Member

    that would be sweet

    that would be sweet to go there and find some dank nugs. post pics of what you find:lookaroun
  8. dags

    dags New Member

    I went to spain last summer. They dont smoke weed in spain, but they smoke hash. People are much cooler about it there so you can just walk up to people and ask where you can buy some hashish. Most people dont smoke but if you ask people that are about 18-21 years old youll definatly get some answers. Theres a copule guys in barcelona that just sell hash in the town squares. They yell "hashish, hashish". And by the way, almost every tourist looking store that sells tshirts and souviners in barcelona doubles as a headshop. I got my bubbler in barcelona.

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