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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by 420rolling, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. 420rolling

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    I was wondering whether weed acts as a mild laxative. About a week ago i had a free house for a week and, obviously, spent most of the time smoking. I noticed that during this week i was crapping around four or five times a day, as opposed to a usual once. Also i noticed that it seems to act as a diaretic, every time after i smoked i would need to piss and they would be really long pisses too. Just a thought, i don't know if this happens to any of you. And i wasn't eating much either, so it wasn't because of that. I always like to control the munchies and so i would only eat about one real meal a day, plus snacks.
  2. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    Nope, marijuana does not act as a laxative or diuretic. However only eating one meal a day is very unhealthy, it reaks havoc on your metabolism.This could be the reason for your multiple bowel movements. Is the one meal a day healthy, or is it greasy food?

    Thats your problem.
  3. Mamabudz

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    Actually, cannabis can act as a laxative in certain situations.

    For those with irritable bowel or chrons disease it has been shown to alleviate the spasms in the colon and large intestine and allow for normal or at least less painful bowel movements.

    You were probably experiencing this side effect.

    In addition as cannabis makes us more aware of our bodily functions and you were not "tied to a desk job" you were able to respond when nature called as opposed to "putting her on hold" until you got the time.

    As for "one meal a day and snacks" that is an excellent way to eat throughout the day. Our standard 3 big meals has been created by our society -- work, school, etc.

    Small snacks of food -- grazing -- is much more healthy and keeps your blood sugar level constant.

    Hope that answers your questions.

    ...and have a cookie ;)


    Mama Budz
  4. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    Sorry mamabudz I'm going to have to disagree with you. Eating one meal a day and snacks is not a good idea.Especially if you eat the snacks and the meal at different times every day. This could reak havoc on your metabolism. If a person eats small more often meals that is ok. But one meal and snacks is stretching it. Your better off eating a large breakfast then decreasing your meals from there and add in snacks. If not done right eating one meal and snacks could make you gain weight and have multiple bowel movements. I highly doubt marijuana is causing your multiple bowels movements, I am certain that what you eat is the cause of your problem.

    I wouldnt eat that cookie. ;)
  5. firsttimer

    firsttimer Banned

    I have to say.. I have eaten 1 meal a day my whole life and I am in my early twenties.... I lived a poor life where I didn't have a choice but to eat once a day... I still carry the same habits.. And my doctor tells me I am healthy as a fettle.. But if I continue my habits I will have Diabetic Problems...

    As far as Laxative.. Try a Stem Tea... Or Pot and steam tea.. The steams always make me have the runs the next day...LOL.... I too have bowl problems. TOo.. I don't go everyday like normal people.. Never have... It has to do with not eating properly.. Rather its bad or not.. I couldn't tell you...
  6. AndieBear

    AndieBear Seasoned Activist

    Ya know....

    I've been eating one meal a day and a few snacks for the past 6 months or so. I've lost a lot of weight, at one point bringing me down to 98lbs. I'm trying to gain some of it back, which for me is proving harder than losing it. I'd like to smoke to help my appetite, but it isn't convenient with my new responsabilities.

    As far as the laxative, I might think it has more to do with the eating habits since I experienced a change similar. Unless that is your normal eating pattern and you still noticed a change. Mj can be used as a mild laxative though, as Mama stated so be careful. For the diuretic, it probably has to do with an increase in liquids to combat cotton mouth. ;)

    Hope that helps.
  7. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    I don't see how marijuana can act as a laxative because it's supposed to reduce bowel movements. That's the opposite of a laxative.


    I try and eat 5-6 meals (not full-sized meals) a day, but lately, I've been slacking and eating around 3.
  8. firsttimer

    firsttimer Banned

    "For those with irritable bowel or chrons disease it has been shown to alleviate the spasms in the colon and large intestine and allow for normal or at least less painful bowel movements."

    I can attest to that.... Irritable bowl meaning Constipation or just not going normally.. Marijuana if Made to eat in any form.. Will give you better bowl movement the next day.. Especially if you eat the pot.. And not extract it into butter... It has health stuff that helps with your bowl Movements. Fibers.. WHat makes the Crap Factory go round and round..... As far as grazing too.> Momma hit it on the button.... Eat lots of crackers carry them with you in your pocket for when you feel the need.. I way understand the Lack Of appetite and feeling like crap for it too.. Literarily...

    CheebaMonkey: Hey Bro.. If your eating that much.. You need to cut down.... ;)
  9. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    Heh, actually the opposite

    I need to eat more. :D

    I lift weights and to grow big muscles you need to eat big. So I need to eat lots and lots of calories and protein.
  10. firsttimer

    firsttimer Banned

    Yeah I tried working out for a while.. Trying to eat like crazy.. But My appetite didn't let me.. I wish I could go off and Grow crazy ass muscles... But.. My body will only let me do what it wants...LOL... I do love to work out though.. And pump iron.. I find Smoking herb helps me get those extra Riffs in.... One more Push.... arggggg

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