Weed Makes You Lazy

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by cj117, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    Man, I remember watching movies with those ATI commercials at the beginning... then seeing them on TV when I shut off my VCR...

    Growin' up during the Anti-Truth Infomercials made me believe that if you smoked weed, you got lazy. That was what I told people when they asked me if I ever smoked marijuana when I was in High School.
    It's what I knew. It's what I believed. Ahhh... high school.. the memories...

    Best part: Now I'm in college.
    My old high school friends, we're still buddies. Funny thing though, I'm the only one who smokes teh ganj. Funny thing though, I'm the only one with a healthy BMI. Funny thing though, I'm the only one who calls the others telling them we need to hang out and go surfing/to the movies/to the snow/park/barnes&noble... fucking anything. I swim. I weight-train. I run. Rollerblade. I never lifted a finger back in High School. Hell, I did practically nothing until I tried weed!

    Funny thing though, I've got a 3.4 Cumu. GPA at my school. I've got a six pack. I exercise daily. I have sex. I travel. I protest. I live. I smoke marijuana.

    My high school friends... they do jack. Oh, yeah they also do shit. Jack and shit. That's their hobby. Each of them has an unhealthy BMI. Each of them is overweight. Each of them is so busy off at "school", or whatever it is they actually do (b/c I'm sure they aren't at school ALL FUCKIN DAY, I guess since I'm a pothead I just don't deserve a returned call..) I swear... oh did I mention they're all failing their classes? One's on academic probation, the other has failed chem twice.. (another is off in Oregon doing amazing things with his life but he's a different story)

    My room mate is addicted to video games. He works a minimum wage job where his boss(es, an old racist korean ahjeemah and her husband) abuse the shit out of him. I know, I used to work there myself..
    Then he comes home and plays games the rest of the day, if he's not sleeping. Never gets an oz. of exercise, eats crap most of the time, and complains he is too tired to do anything (wow, I wonder why!). I smoke weed every night. He's never even tried the stuff. Somehow he has a girlfriend... Yeah, he's my age, and a college drop out.

    Oh. These are my friends.

    My roommate's [overweight] girlfriend Tify.
    (this is an old pic, she's gained like 20 lbs since this shoot).
    (oh yeah did I mention I'm a photographer?)

    Mari, Ash, Gwen, Toni, and Tify. I'm surprised my roomie doesn't have his DS while making out with his girlfriend!!

    Oh wait, there it is...
    Left to right: My roommate, Ash, (another old pic, 20lbs lighter here too) My Genius buddy Hagen in Oregon (he's excelling at an amazing rate, he's going to be a world leader for SURE. Oh yeah, he's smoked weed with me.)

    Oh yeah, so I managed to convince my room mate to come on vacation with me last year... I talked him into going out on the lake in a rowboat:


    Got him to come hiking with me (had to stop a zillion times..)
    Oh, yeah... I set up this campsite.. Tony is inside the tent there playing his DS..


    Sadly, I doubt I'll ever get to take another picture like this again...
    this was June 16th, 2007. It took incredible lengths to get everyone to go on this damn trip. I invited everyone to return to six flags on my birthday, and I even offered to PAY FOR THEM. How many showed up? 0.00

    Oh yeah, this is me:

    [​IMG] (before my 6-pack)

    Me carrying BOTH my buddies Matt and Tony:[​IMG]

    Me and my old 240... <333

    I got to meet Eddie Izzard...

    So to recap, I guess I have to thank those Anti-Marijuana commercials, they really showed me what I was getting into... the reprehensible life of a pothead, so BLEAK AND EMPTY... I'm really glad my friends never got into this shit, I don't think they could handle it!


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  2. frenchhustler19091

    frenchhustler19091 New Member

    240's ftw!

    But yeah... I do agree with you.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Lazy people have nothing better to do than sit around smoking dope all day. I've known people like that. That's where the stereotype comes from. Those who promote it have confused the cause with the effect.

    Almost all of my friends are cannabis users. We're all professionals. Several of us have advanced degrees. Marijuana is something we do for fun. It's not the focus of a wasted existence.
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  4. cannabicide420

    cannabicide420 Sr. Member

    i find it hilarious that your roomate has his ds in every picture. even in the canoe.
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  5. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Yes, the canoe-DS picture is HILARIOUS. I love games as much as the next nerd, but I would not take my DS out on a canoe. Mainly because canoes go into big things of water called lakes. And electronics do not like big things of water.

    What is your Oregon friend doing with his life that makes his amazing?
  6. mmmcute

    mmmcute New Member

    that's kinda messed up you called out all your friends like that... pictures, faces, and names. you can probably get sued for this if you didn't get permission from them to post those pictures. you probably won't but i'd be pissed as shit if someone did that to me and piss me off some more... i could legally sue.

    watch outt...
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  7. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    I get your point but to me it sounds more like you made all your friends look like "losers" and "bums." :shrug: I'm sure they would love to know the truth, the sad truth. The fact that you are way more successful than them, the fact that they are overweight and that they don't want to do shit for their life's. I don't know, I guess I am not the type of person who compares myself to my friends, we are all different individuals, raised differently who think differently.

    Back stabbers is the last thing a "real friend" wants...

    Anywho, good job staying active and doing your thing! :)
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  8. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    From the way you talk about your "friends" I would never want to call you back either.

    You go on a rant about potheads being called lazy than you go on making fun of your friends and calling them losers throughout the whole post. What point exactly are you trying to prove? That you have more of a right to say those things? You don't. That they're right for never wanting to hang out with you? You convinced me.

    Real friends don't do these things. Maybe you should be looking at yourself and the way you think about your own "friends" if you're wondering why no one ever calls you back.
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  9. blackanthony

    blackanthony New Member

    ya man i dont dis my friends out at all, yeah there lazy and stupid and losers, but you know what I love them to death, and im not going to go all out and make fun of them. Hell Im a lazy,smart,loser stoner thats me.

    P.S. Your friend with the DS is hilarious, esppecially on the canoe, you should have him on all your pics with his DS, thats the only thing I kind of liked about this post.
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  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It appears that marijuana makes some people egotistical and judgmental. :D
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  11. LottaBass

    LottaBass New Member

    someone needs to climb down off his high horse.
    pun intended.

    man dont compare yourself to your friends...how can you possibly compare one life to another...it just doesnt work...think about it.
  12. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    I wish I had a friend that met Eddie Izzard and talked shit on a forum behind my back! Good job!
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  13. SimpleGreen

    SimpleGreen **********

    What compelled you to post this thread? Were you that desperate for an ego boost?
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  14. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    The pictures of your roomate make me laugh.

    Unfortunately you, me and the rest of anyone who had to hear a lick of marijuana "conditioning" all heard that it makes you lazy and unproductive. Just another one of the stereotype's that potheads have *sigh* Regardless, if you are above the information then good, thats all that matters... there is a higher ration of productive potheads to lazy couch potatoes but it goes without saying that there are a fair amount of lazy stoners regardless. Different strokes for different folks.
  15. maggie_monster

    maggie_monster New Member

    lol @ nerds. *hides biomedical ethics textbook*

    really though, just smoke a joint and relax. some people just take a while to figure out that weed is a happy drug and essentially harmless. we basically had the same timeline of marijuana use (although i did smoke in high school) and i've seen a bunch of people straighten out and sober up for no apparent reason. they bitch now about being fat and tired or whatever, but they should eventually figure out the connection between being a couch potato and feeling like shit. i try not to judge people who get off the drug train cuz it's a personal choice, so if they come back wanting to smoke or something just don't be too harsh. ;)
  16. HarisMyleak

    HarisMyleak New Member

    I think i'm one of the only people who actually got what you were trying to say... Buzzby knows what's up...
    Hey Dark... I think you're misunderstanding cj117 quite a bit. When someone's telling a story, it's best to just assume what they're saying is true and not to try to judge the story teller. Because, your knowledge is only limited to what he tells u, meaning if it came out in the wrong words... you can't just blame shit on him/her.
    Let me explain this.
    If i were to say "man, my mom's a lil bitch... she's always making me fuckin do chores"
    I shouldn't have to provide the background my mom's a crackhead/married 5 times... this that... etc
    Just assume it to be true. (JUST AN EXAMPLE... no crackheads in my family lol)

    what cj's saying is... does not smoking weed really make you that much of a better person? by saying "NO" to "drugs" just as they emphasize it in highschool and the D.A.R.E programs in middle school or w/e... is it really worth it to just take their word for granted and not try for yourself (marijuana that is).
    cj's pissed at them because they criticized marijuana smokers and basically kept him away from weed. when in reality, he loves it so much now that he thinks that's all he was missing before.

    just common sense man. look at his tone... he used no bad words... he mostly listed facts. as i see it, he even provided proof (pictures).
    Oh, another thing... really pisses me off when people say "you don't even know so you can't judge me" and if i do know... "if you do the same, how can you judge me?"

    Not to totally bash on your friends or anything... but with the "looking at weed as a bad thing" mentality, you're bound to do bad stuff while high... whereas I have to fucking get rid of the smell even from my fingers, mouth, hair.. clothes... you name it. I work my ass off so i can smoke weed (moneywise and staying below radar wise). WHy would i wana go out fuckin breakin the law? i love cops, never gave me a ticket... been pulled over couple of times, they help me feel secure... if a cop pulls me over i feel good cuz he's doing his job. THINK POSITIVELY about everything man. you guys got a lot of stress damn
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  17. Privaron

    Privaron New Member

    Me and my friends are extremely lazy for the most part but were all getting into that stereotype and trying to make an effort to move out of it.

    Seems like you have some cool friends though I wouldn't be to hard on them your lucky to have a close social group like that I only have one friend left since highschool and he's more like family anyways since I've known him for fucking ever.
  18. HarisMyleak

    HarisMyleak New Member

    I think people should emphasize practicing fucking tolerance breaks every time they talk about smoking weed... everyone's becoming a lazy stoner now!

    the hell man. you don't realize you're not getting the same high??
    the mental high doesn't even come on now probably... u just get stoned.
    might as well drink man, drinking's a lot cheaper (i don't mean this... fuck drinking)
  19. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    It must've taken some will power to leave out the part where you detailed the length and girth of your freakishly large penis.
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  20. HarisMyleak

    HarisMyleak New Member

    true, it was a bit of a bragger lol
    i was expecting him suited up as a lawyer

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