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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by marijune, Jun 9, 2001.

  1. marijune

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    okay here in norway the government says that 7 ppl have died of extremely potent skunk overdoses. normally i wouldn't believe this but iv'e heard tales of people being there and seeing it and sh!t, and these are ppl who are a 100 percent behind the legislation. is this possible?
  2. BoneyDragon

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    Not possible. To overdose fatally on marijuana you would have to smoke 40 000 times the amount required to get high. You would pass out before that happened.

  3. Psycho Donkey

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    Not very likely

    In a test done by the US Goverment on animals the only time that had overdosing problems was when they used 40, 000 times the normal use of canaboids that it would take to get high. So say that it takes 2 joints to get high with someone that would mean smoking 80, 000 joints to overdose! That is quite a lot!

    Also, shouldn't this be in the chemical and psyiological forum?
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    Damn you BD, you beat me to the punch! Oh well.
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    Has anyone actually passed out from too much ganja? One time I got close. I had been smokin for about a month, and I smoked this blunt with my friend Whooooooeeee, I was stoned out of my gourd. Anyway, I was just sittin, not really feeling like i could move. Then I broke out in this cold sweat and felt like I was sinking into the chair. Thats when my freind noticed how pale I was and told me to get a drink of water. That seemed to fix things.
  7. Yea...

    Hey urban ninja, I passed out in my local head shop once. It wasn't cool, but atleast it was there and no where else.
  8. urban-ninja

    urban-ninja Guest



    How much did you smoke, or was it just a little mighty powerfull? Did you keel over or were you sitting down?
  9. Rev0x

    Rev0x New Member

    I figured I'd give my two cents.

    Okay, essentially, most of us smoke weed. That is, the top flowering part of cannabis, which contains anywhere from 3% to 15% THC on average. However there are other ways to consume cannabis for, ah, "recreational" purposes. Hashish is much more potent, and hash oil even more potent than that. I'm willing to bet if you smoked or drank a lot of 100% hash oil you may not necessarily die but you would get pretty sick.. Because those 80,000 joints that will overdose you might end up being 800 ml of hash oil.

    This is all speculation, BTW. I have nothing more to go on.
  10. heres my .2 cents.

    i dont think these number are 100% correct but here you are.

    the world record for most reef smoked in one sitting is 2+ pounds. i saw pics of it in a magazine....high times i think but i am not sure.....maybe it was head....i dont know.

    but he lived.....

  11. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    Its important when talking about a toxic does of any drug to also consider its use. Unlike most addictive drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, and cocaine the user develops a tolerance to the substance where the same amount of the same potency will have less of an effect over time. There fore, the user must increase his doesage to get the same effects. Because of this dynamic, and because of the nature of the black market for those drugs sold there where potency and purity cannot be accuratly determined, this can eventually be fatal.

    Marijuana works a little differently. Number one, the existance of a tolerance syndrome is not very well established with marijuana. Depending on where you go, a person will develop a tollerance to marijuana over time, while elsewhere it is believe that you actually develop a reverse tollerance over time (where it takes less to achieve the same level of intoxication). But the habit of marijuana use is totally different than that with many of the other drugs.

    Marijuana is known as a self-titrating drug. This means that a user will smoke marijuana until he achieves a level of intoxication which he is comfortable with, and then stops. Alcoholic, by comparison, will drink until they pass out, even after they throw up, they will go back to another drink.

    When you go from a low potency plant to a higher potency plant, you smoke less of the higher potency plant to get to the same level of intoxication.

    For example, lets say it takes 2 bowls to get you pretty baked, and it takes about 4 hits of White Widow to get to the same level. You are not going to smoke the 2 bowls of White Widow because you have acomplished where you need to be in only four hits. Sure you could if you wanted to, but under normal circumstances most would not.

    If you continued to smoke the white widow, you would probably encounter the unusual sensation of smoking yourself sober. This occures when there is to much THC in the system and the brain has begun to close down the receptor sites. With less sites open, and those that are open constantly plugged up, you get no effect from the other thc in your system, which is then just metabolized out of the blood and life goes on. No matter how much you smoke, once you have smoked yourself sober, you must wait to come down before you can get any additional effect from further smoking.

    This effect happens long before you even approach a toxic dose of marijuana.

    So even if you could get 80,000 joints down into 800 ml of hash oil, you would still not smoke the entire 800 ml of hash oil because you wouldn't get any effect from it past the first 20 or 30 ml. Again you could if you wanted to, but most people are not going to blow several thousand dollars to get almost a liter of hash oil to see if they can OD on it.

    The drugs effects on the body themselves warrent against overdoseing. If a person tried to OD on marijuana by smoking the actual plant, I suspect they would choke on the blood from their bleeding lungs before they inhaled enough smoke to be life threatening from THC overdose.

    Grim picture, but its the truth.

  12. marijune

    marijune Guest

    this is what i thought too, 7 people in a country of 5 million and not one in the states seems too weird but i have several witnesses of people talking about people passing out and one of the od's and as i said there are pot smokers. it's not hash revox it's said to be extremely potent skunk that is possibly genetically manipulated
  13. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    2 pounds... one sitting... wow! thats insane. if that guy didnt die then i doubt those people did. damn... that is alot of weed.
  14. Fryth

    Fryth New Member

    I have heard this before, the effect of "smoking yourself sober", and I have experienced it (smoking a bowl, then another 30 minutes later generally makes me tired and burned-out). However, I am not so convinced by this explanation involving the receptor sites in your brain. Although I'm not a neurochemistry specialist or anything like that, I just supposed that there was always an abundance of cannabinoid receptors in your brain, and that if they were all filled with THC, your brain would want to produce more. I have smoked massive joints and been more baked than smoking slightly less massive joints. That's obviously not a scientific study, but I think I was still getting an effect.

    Interesting. Anyone else know anything about this?
  15. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    Nah, thats burn out, smoking a bowl and then 30 minutes later feeling tired and run down. Smoking yourself sober is totally different, and it takes quite a bit of weed to get there. Its like being blasted past pluto and then your sober. There is no come down until afterwards.

    A normal high looks like this.


    Smoking youself sober is like this.


  16. Crow

    Crow Guest

    Just an idea...

    Perhaps this "extremely potent skunk" was so very potent because it was laced with something.
    And perhaps this something that it was laced with is quite easy to overdose on...
  17. HeRb HaZe420

    HeRb HaZe420 Guest


    its all bull****!:mad:
  18. mindraver

    mindraver Sr. Member

    i think Crow's answer on this one is alot more acceptable than the OD controversy. it is much more likely that those 7 people just happened to have lots of THC mixed in their bloodstream at the same time with other <more potent> chemicals.

    i love marijuana!

    cheers! :chokin:
  19. Herb Ninja

    Herb Ninja Seasoned Activist


    This is untrue because marijuana has NO overdose. Once youve smoked enough you will pass out, and even if you were covered by a constant flow of pot smoke through a gas mask you would not die as long as oxygen is being inhaled as well as the marijuana smoke. Cannabis is one of the safest theraputic substances known to man. Why is it illegal, Ignorance.
  20. Towley420

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    Headaches normal?

    I posted the same thing in another board (http://www.contumacy.org/bbs/index.pl?noframes;read=31452)
    Basically, it said someone died to an aparent overdose/reaction but before he died he had a headache.

    OK, I have only been smoking weed for under a year, but last Thursday night I was using my VaporBrothers Vaporizer to toke some. For those of you who never used a vaporizer, it is *supposed* to be more healthy than inhaling smoke and ash. It works by heating the weed to just under the point of combustion, thus releasing thr THC without burning the plant matter. You don't really need very much weed with it to get high.
    I filled the vaporizer's screen to approximately 1/8 inch, toked 5 times, emptied and re-filled 1/8 inch. I did that 4 times until I was really feelling it.
    The next day I had a severe migrane headache. I rarely ever get headaches. 400mg of ibuproffin pain reliever had little effect. All day I was in pain, so Friday night I ended up filling the vaporizer 4 more times, about 20 hits from it. Felt OK, passed out. Woke up Saturday morning hurting a little, then towards noon I had another raging migrane headache. Took 600mg of ibuproffin but it still had little effect on the pain.
    Decided not to smoke any that night, woke up Sunday morning (today) with a foggy head like I usually do after a night of smoking. Smoked nothing the whole day (over 36 hours since I last took a hit) and I still feel like I am experiencing the downer from Friday's high.
    My head doesn't hurt now, but it still feels funny. Is this normal after almost 2 days of non-smoking?? Maybe there's a rare medical condition that gets aggrovated by the THC.

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