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  1. teco

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    i thought i'd share the lyrics of one of my favorite weed songs.

    Yo-yo homeboy, pass me dat
    Yo, this is the song i wrote for the girl I love.
    Her name, Mary Jane


    Saggin my dickies, smoke like a hippy
    Smell so good when she get wet and sticky
    You lift me, girl you the bomb
    Got a nigga blowin like Cheech and Chong
    A bong, a blunt, or a paper square
    It really don't matter she'll take you there
    You been my gal since the age of 13
    And Its funny to me, you still make me fiend
    You put a spell on me with the green voodoo
    You love when my boys come and run us a choo choo
    Mary-Jane deep in the game
    The way I feel words can't explain
    You been true to me, stood by my side
    I Wake up and get my mornings first high
    Other hoes wonder why they get no love
    Cause Mary got a big ol' but, HUH

    [CHORUS x2]

    Mary-go-round, round and round
    Oh let the mary-go-round, pass the sweet

    If yous a Jane user
    Throw your hands in the air with this mutha****in three time user
    Producer, wanna cool my future (pass the sweet)
    Pass the madusa, I never knews her
    Who ya, Who ya think ya are
    Ya ****in with a dopehouse shootin star


    Smokin that budda
    Drinkin that puda
    Booya, another killa from Madulas
    I thug in rida chick gets me higher
    Theres no needa tryna find a finer hyna
    I decya my ***** your fya
    Be bestet as we kids under plya

    [chorus x2]

    Mary-go-round round and round
    oh let the mary-go-round
    pass the sweet


    Now you can do snow or get wet as the rain
    Me man I got jane in my brain
    Of course I kick doors for white whores
    But my wife mary-jane I never get divorced
    Cause she be tha only one fit for a playa
    The green eyes and the pretty red hair
    The hoes sick cause them jelous *****es wanna
    Vyla coma vana Mariajuana
    You was born in Mexico but I took the chance
    And brought your ass across to the promise lands
    I love to lay you down so soft in my swisha
    act like a freak and let all my niggaz hit ya
    I got your picture on all my walls
    mama caught us kissin wanna call the laws
    My family thinks you nothin but trouble
    Cant see how you helped me through the struggle

    [chorus x2]
    Mary-go-round round and round
    Oh let the mary-go-round
    pass the sweet
    [till fade]

    its called mary jane of spm
  2. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    I thought you were talking about this...

    "Weed Song"
    [Krayzie Bone]
    Take me
    Higher, higher, baby
    Can you feel it?? (feel it, feel it, feel it)
    Do you feel the same weed high that I feel??
    Cuz I'm so high (reefer makes you feel that way)
    And I feeling so right
    Roll (roll), let's smoke, I got to get high
    I been high since the last song (off that la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
    And i just been smokin' and smokin'
    Smoke another blunt, roll another up
    You know that weed can really ease your mind
    Every time I smoke good reefer that indo high makes me fly
    If everyboby smoked a blunt, relieve the mind, the world could
    be a better place
    If everybody took a break and we all just got wasted
    Toked out (out, out out), smoked out (out, out, out),
    choked out (out, out, out), pull another O (out, out, out)
    Let's get P-O-D-ded (P-O-D-ded, P-O-D-ded)

    [Bizzy Bone]
    The weed can't get no better (no better baby)

    [Bizzy Bone]
    20 dollar hollars, all day, everyday
    Come around my way, you gone want to stay
    Weed makes me hungry, happy, and all I can say
    Sure I need some more
    Don't make we wait, stay awake, fake sleep,
    got the weed between the sheets
    Catch me, Mary J. blessed me
    Open up the dime, stimulate your mind, slide my thumb up the blunt
    Open up and what you'll find in there (you don't really want)
    I never been in High Times (I never been in High Yimes)
    I never been in High Times
    but can you tell me that I've been so high all my life
    Am I high enough (am I high enough)
    Am I high enough (am I high enough)

    [Wish Bone]
    I remeber being a little thug
    Weed, really didn't know what it was
    Then I took a puff and I realized
    I should always, stay high
    The weed (the weed), makes me feel alright (alright)
    If you feel like i feel, I got half on yo dime
    If you got weed smoke it, I'm a real weed smoker
    If it's mine then I would
    since its yours you could, you should
    If I ain't there when you blaze a blunt nigga huh, please think of me
    Cuz you know I nigga like to get high (high), high and free
    Smokin' all night, feelin' all right
    Bone Thugs get high, so high
    High, high, all night, high, high
    So high

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my my my my
    I know you wonder why I do it. Love the sky
    And I soar up so high
    This mornin' I was in my bed
    Bangin' and ringin' inside my head
    I wanted to make love to you baby, but last night I got P-O-Ded instead
    So please don't go away, that's all I got to say
    Is I gotta have you mary j
    Such a heavenly feelin' I get when i'm taking fat ass blunts to the brain
    Oh darlin' I'm goin insane, and I really wish we can
    Kick it at home in America, like it was on in amsterdam
    You heard enough, you heard it all, nothin' but a, a really thug nigga
    Nothin' less than a killa, I'm out in front makin' my scrilla
    I'm happy to know , the slide is the ball, and kick as strong as me
    You rippin' the bone like me, can get it as long as me

    [Layzie Bone]
    And when I need to free my mind
    I can find, satisfaction in a bag of weed
    Everything I need, leave it to the trees
    It can make me feel better, and every day I wake
    Niggas rollin' up blunts, and mo blunts, and mo blunts
    And I keep a case of Swisher Sweets in the trunk
    So when I'm rollin', smokin', chokin', just floatin'
    Through the city in my drop top
    Glock cocked, rollin', just rollin'
    Me and mary jane
    Its my world, its my thang
    The way she penetrates my brain
    Buddah, done blessed me with game
    Good game, you wanna chop it up,
    we can kick it, smoke a fatty to the dome
    Nigga lay high, thugged out, smokin', all, night, long

    Chorus til fade
  3. Devio

    Devio Banned

    This is Memphis Bleek "I get high"

    This song is dope, listen to it.

    All my fans askin' me and ****
    "Yo Bleek what you be doing on your spare time and ****?"
    This what I do man (nigga)
    Check how I do (yo)

    I gets high (high)
    Rollin' down the I95
    Ma' don't ask why
    I love gettin' high
    While I drive
    I can't lie (I can't lie)
    I puff lye (I puff lye)
    While I drive down the I95

    [Verse 1]
    I put this key in the ignition
    Start my V
    Take the clip out the ashtray
    Spark my trees
    You know that haze weed
    Backwood roll tight
    Belvedere cranberry juice mix light
    Under 30% tint ridin' bent
    Doin' a quarter
    Smokin' on what grow under water
    My life in order
    You know I got a pocket fulla sticky
    The whole BK, light a blunt up for Biggie
    And smokeout
    I gives a **** if you got a skateboard
    Or that new XO out
    You blow the row out
    And holla
    I'mma survive or die
    I'mma ride cuz they never take a nigga alive
    I gets high
    Rollin' down the I95
    Starrin' through the rearview
    From all the **** I survived
    And as I ride by
    I just tilt my hat
    Put the car on cruise and roll up another sack


    [Verse 2]
    You catch Bleek rollin' hay
    When I'm down in the Bay
    Hey it don't stop
    I light a blunt up for 'Pac
    Pop my colla
    Take another sip of that vodka
    Hit three wheel motion
    Locin' in the Impala
    On them fifty spoke
    With two pounds to smoke
    And the weed come clean
    No sticks no seed
    Straight bud
    And keep the car weed scented
    Mami be like Bleek
    We can't, breathe in it
    Mami keep cool
    Let me remove the roof
    Take a sip of that Bel've
    And remove your shoes
    But ch'ya
    Recline baby
    Smoke good lime baby
    This the real green
    Out the High Times baby
    We sittin' on dubs
    Know what that like?
    Twist enough bud
    Mami get your mind right

    I gets high
    Holla at the I95
    Holla at the bar
    Yeah, uh huh
    I can't lie (lie)
    Holla at the bar
    I puff lye (lye)
    When I drive down the I95 (5)
    G'yeah niggas
    Y'all know
    Holla at me (understand this now, we out, One)
    Smoke one with cha dawg
  4. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    I am getting high from smoking all of that weed (repeated)

    Smoking weed nigga, I suggest.
    Glad we need benjamins.
    High off weed and lots of gin.
    Pass that weed to your friends.
    Cut that blunt, roll it up, lick it baby, fold it up,
    smoke it up, roast it up, oh **** i've had enough!
    Smoking, toasted, and im chokin'
    keep it open cause im tokin'
    puff that spiff, grab your clip, put that **** to your lip.
    Whatcha gonna do when you run out foo?

    High as hell and hungry too,
    (a few lines I can't undestand)
    I am getting high from smoking all of that weed.
    I am getting high from smoking all of that weed.
    I am getting high from smoking all of that weed.

    ^^^ - "Getting High" by DJ Funk

    Smoke too much weed
    But I need weed in my life
    I smoke so many blunts
    I sold my kids and wife
    My VCR's gone
    I took it to the pawn shop
    I need weed in my life
    So bad I can't stop
    My momma said if I dont quit
    Smoking so much herb
    I'm gonna find my black ass
    Smoking weed on the curb.
    But you dont understand mama
    Why I need my herb
    She took a hit of that ****
    And now shes smoking on the curb

    I need weed in my life(repeated)

    ^^^^^ "Weed In My Life" by DJ Funk
  5. ComfortablyNumb

    ComfortablyNumb New Member

    I'm not a big fan of hip hop....but of course, I love "hits from the bong'! hell yeah...later guys
  6. Oh Lordy

    Oh Lordy New Member

    Here's a punk rock song from Nofx. I think its very appropiate for this site, because its not really about the feeling you get when high, its more about freedoms.


    Light the match burn the flower
    Leave behind all the wrong
    Why be sad when happiness can be bought for a little more then free
    Modern day prohibition
    Are we men, are we children?
    At what age can I choose how to live?

    The only real drug problem is scoring real good drugs
    Haven't we learned our lesson?
    The corner store sells the finest scotch
    But who's got uncut powder?
    We just want what is ours - dignity

    If god created plants and buds that I find and abuse
    Then who the f*** are you to judge me?

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