weed tea?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by mastanick, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. mastanick

    mastanick New Member

    :confused:ok since im asthmatic smoking is not one of the healthyest things i could do if i wanted to make tea with marijuana how much do u think i would need and how would i go about straining it and if i make tea with it then dry it could it also be smoked =D i hate to waste :cool:
  2. timiscute

    timiscute Funky Monk

    If you're going to dry it out and smoke it after you make tea out of it why not just bypass the tea and smoke it straight off? I don't think there would be a way to make a pot tea because THC attaches to fat. I guess you could heat some whole milk with your weed and mix that in with tea and maybe that would work....but I hate milk in my tea so I wouldn't try that. If I were you I'd just smoke it. If you were really concerned about your lungs you should make brownies or something, but I hear that takes a crap load of bud to make properly.....good luck

  3. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    The best way to enjoy marijuana by drinking it is to do it in milk. You can then flavor it multiple ways.

    You Will Need:
    -2 cups of Whole Milk (At my local grocery, they sell single bottles that contain exactly 2 cups, these are great)
    - 1 cup water
    - 1 tbsp butter
    - .5 - 1 gram of top quality herb (the dryer, the better). Probably 2g for mids. I don't know, I've never used them.
    - Teabags, or cheesecloth (optional)

    1. Grind up you herb into a fine powder, or brake it up as small as possible if you have no grinder. It helps if you dry the weed out until its very crispy.

    2. If you have teabags, empty them, and fill them with your ganja. This will prevent the need for straining later.

    3. Bring water, milk, and butter to a boil around medium heat. Be sure to stir, as the milk will rise and you dont want it to harden.

    4. Once the mixture is boiling, add your weed.

    5. Let simmer/lightly boil for 20-30 minutes, stirring pretty much constantly. If it starts to get real thick because of evaporating water, I will add more sometimes, it's not mandatory.

    6. Now strain into a glass through cheesecloth (if you didn't have teabags and want to strain. It isn't necessary. You may feel like your wasting less if you leave it in there). If you used teabags, just pour it into a container or glass of some kind.

    Now you have many, many options. My favorite this time of year is to let it cool to a drinkable temperature (but still hot) and add chocolate syrup (or cocoa mix) for some MJ hot chocolate. Tastes like a weed brownie in a cup, plus it hits you much faster. You can also use cinnamon, vanilla, tea, sugar, etc.

    In the summer, i will mix it in a large cup with some ice cream for a milk shake. You can add cocoa mix and cool it into chocolate milk in the fridge. Hell, you could probably make it with chocolate milk.

    Definitely my favorite way to consume buds (besides smoking). Hits you in less than an hour, usually; and it's oh, so tasty.

    PS/EDIT - I have heard of people smoking the weed they used in this, I just don't think it would be worth it, personally. Milk and butter weed.. ew. If you're that worried, just don't strain the weed and drink it in the cup.

    DOUBLE EDIT!!: Changed the amount of water recommended to a full cup, I find it works better. For simplicity's sake (keeping the parts 2:1), I also changed the milk to 2 full cups. I also used chocolate syrup instead of cocoa mix for the first time tonight and found it mixes way batter. So I changed that also.
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  4. mastanick

    mastanick New Member

    which gets u higher smoking it or drinking it?
  5. RoarNation

    RoarNation New Member

    wow milk?...

    haha that sucks i saved about an ounce of stems for about a year and i boiled them up nice and tender lol and nothing really happend
  6. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    It is a different high. I personally normally smoke after the milk kicks in or as I'm drinking it and am super stoned for hours. However, one thing is for sure, drinking it kicks in much quicker than cooking it and gives the same high, and you can make it in single servings.

    Roar, did you boil them in a concoction similar to mine or just water? Remember, water will not absorb enough THC to give you effects. You must use fatty liquid, and the concoction described above is about perfect one to use (in my experience anyway). I just made a batch tonight of all stems (mind you they were from top notch bud so they were very crystally), I just ground them up and did the process I described above. Worked fantastic. I did find that I've been using closer to a full cup water, so I will edit the recipe accordingly.

    This will produce more than a single coffee cup full (by a little) but doesn't even fill up my Thermus all the way. Drink it all, lol.
  7. RoarNation

    RoarNation New Member

    thanx lol yeah i really wish you told me that befor i boiled my stems lol but it was like two2 months so next time i wil use your recipe
  8. Bushbr

    Bushbr New Member

    this sounds absolutely amazing! i'm totaly gonna have to try this some time... i just need some teabags......

    heh teabags... D-bags...

    gawd im ripped
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  9. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    yup lots of milk because thc is not water soluble
  10. nogain8525

    nogain8525 New Member

    does it smell wen u make it?
  11. PowDawg

    PowDawg New Member

    Doesnt marijuana help asthma?
  12. mastanick

    mastanick New Member

    lmfao not when u smoke it...
  13. PowDawg

    PowDawg New Member

  14. Lateralus13

    Lateralus13 New Member

    quite honestly if your worried about your lungs i dont sugest smoking it anyway. yeah milk sounds like it works well
  15. mastanick

    mastanick New Member

    i would vape it but i have no way to get a vaporizer u need to be 18 to buy one and im only 17
  16. vexcon1

    vexcon1 New Member

    I mean don't you have any friends that can buy you the vaporizer? I mean if I want some medical stuff I usually ask a friend who's 18 and has a medical card. Think about it bro.
  17. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    We are in agreement, about the Vape. It helps our Lungs too. Try the Search engine, in this spot, there are many "Lightbulb vape ways,as well as many others. We had friends, with Older Brothers,and, Sisters, who'd buy anything for Us, as long as WE Paid them, or gave them some. Age is No barrier! Unless You're too Young, to figure it out.
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  18. mastanick

    mastanick New Member

    Lol all my friends I ask that are 18 there like what the fuck are you talking about just roll it. I'm like w.e. I guess I'll just piss off my friend till he lets me ship it to his house or... beats me.

    ps. yea i been coughing alot and the parental units are getting suspicious o_O
  19. KushLovin

    KushLovin New Member

    Get some yummy hard candy, like blow pop suckers or something
    they always help me.
  20. maggie_monster

    maggie_monster New Member

    so back to the issue of the smell... how bad is it? i live in a dorm, so i would have to make that in a communal kitchen...

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