Weed that makes you energetic?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Almostdope, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Almostdope

    Almostdope New Member

    I know people say sativa, but what specific weed have you tried that made you feel upbeat and not want to sleep immediately?
  2. Waldy

    Waldy Sr. Member

    Chances are your not going to find a specific strain that gives you what you want, and even if, get that strain for sure. You never know what strain unless you're getting straight from the grower and he knows his shit. Just ask for "headies" that means sativa. You should be looking for light green fluffy buds.
  3. Kifster

    Kifster New Member

    I know it affects different people differently, but weed always wires me up.
    I have to get something set up ready to do before I light the fuse - and then I can rock and roll on a project for 24 hours straight, easily. If I don't have something ready to do, I usually just zone out thinking of things to do and don't actually get much done...lol
    I can't even imagine writing code without it!
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I suggest that you try AK-47, if you can find some. Pure Sativas tend to be so tall that they are impractical for indoor growing, so you don't see very many of them. AK-47 is a hybrid that won the Cannabis Cup for best Sativa, even though it's not "pure". It's a plant that grows like an Indica but has Sativa qualities. I've been vaping it for three years and it's my favorite.
  5. Trevor214

    Trevor214 New Member

    I agree with Buzzby AK definitely made me appreciate weed even more (though I thought I couldn't) and I have even seen it mentioned in some stoner movies as top shelf head high bud.
  6. Almostdope

    Almostdope New Member

    Ive been trying to get my hands on AK for a while. Cant seem to find any. When i do though itll be great
  7. mjharmless

    mjharmless Member

    For me most all weed gets me going but I'm not to good at identifing what different types are called I just know its good by smoking it. Never been able to really trust the dealers not that they are ripping me off but they usually only know what their source told them. Usually a nice story about how kick ass it is and I wait to judge after I smoke. Anyway one of the reasons I continue to smoke is because of the energy it gives me to do the BS chores in my life like cleaning or yard work ect.
  8. CRS7991

    CRS7991 New Member

    A nice hash made from a good sativa is always a good energetic high, for me at least.
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  9. Almostdope

    Almostdope New Member

    Little late, but yea man i got had a g of hash like last month. I would only buy tht if i could lol

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