Weights and Prices?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by DoritosMan, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    I remember this was a real mad thread on the old board. so before i start ill make up some rules here for easier understanding:
    1. the joint size will be 6cm long and the width(sp?) of a pencil (eg. a dime bag can make 2 joints)
    2. All weight should be in oz or grams
    3. Tell the name of the strain
    We all know that prices will change place to place, and depends on the quality and aveabilaty(sp?).ok?!
    so i start, i pay 2.50 US dollar on a bag (good kindbud) that i can make 4 joints

    sorry for my bad spelling
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  2. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    I can get some dirt schwag for about $20-25 U.S. That's for an eighth, which is usually between 4-5 grams, depending on who I buy it from.
    The stuff I usually buy is a nice midgrade for $40 for about 5 grams (sold as an eighth). It's very green and fresh, it often smells a little like a freshly cut lawn. Kind is rare, I don't know that many people who have it, but it's usually $50, sometimes I pay more, but that's just when I have some money laying around.
    For smaller amounts, usually a nickel=1 bowl, a dime =2 bowls, a 20 sack=4, but I try not to buy in suck small amounts.
  3. sweetgreen09

    sweetgreen09 New Member

    regular schwag (not bad mid-garde buds)
    dime 2.5-3 grams 10$
    eigth 5 grams 20$
    quarter 8-9 grams 30$
    half 15 grams 50$
    ounce 29-30 grams 100$
    nugget - good bud ,fresh buds with crystals and hairs very sticky moist somtimes fluffy ,nice taste and nice smell , many trichomes VERY nice buds 50-60$/eigth(5 grams)

    pic below is something like nugget
  4. Crow

    Crow Guest

    since when was an eighth 4-5 grams??

    lemme clear a few things up

    An eighth, or 1/8 of an oz. is exactly 3.543690391 grams. hehe conversions...
    A quarter, or 1/4 of an oz. is exactly 7.087380781 grams...
    A half, or 1/2 of an oz. is exactly 14.17476156 grams...
    An ounce is exactly 28.34952313 grams...

    anyway, i can usually get an eighth of schwag for about 30 bucks. I don't usually buy low quality bud though, and the good quality stuff (sorry DoritosMan, i don't know the strains...i can't trust alotta people i buy from to tell the truth about that, and as for the people i do trust, they either don't know, or are not well informed enough for me to trust that what they think is true really is...) is about 50-60 bucks for an eighth
  5. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    When I said 4-5 grams, I'm just telling you how much the bags my dealers weight out to. Yeah, 3.5. . . grams is an 1/8, but the bags usually a gram at least. All the dealers I know just use those little postage stamp scales, none of them have an electronic ones, so the bag is always in there. And one guy I know is a big salesman, his 1/8ths always weight out to at least 5 grams, and he will always remind you of it. He tends to overcharge a little, but he has some pretty dank stuff sometimes, like I said, he's a saleman.
    Anyway, that's what I meant by 4-5 grams, that's what they normally weigh out to, including bag.
  6. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    mids ~100/z
    kind 20 a gram - no cut under about a 1/4
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  7. redfirebird

    redfirebird Guest

    I pay $40 or $50 for an ouce of schwagg here in TX
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  8. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    Different Places, Different Prices

    And different Weed.

    So I am stuck out here in California (Month #2) and am paying about 5 times what I was used to in Minnesota. The weed is quite different though. I could get an ounce of fairly low quality (lots of stems, seeds) from $50-70. Though low quality, it does the job.

    The price that I have found here has been quite higher. I payed $350 for an Ounce of pretty nice stuff. Honestly, I would not mind finding the cheap stuff out here though. I smoke it way too quickly to pay that much.
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  9. TXM

    TXM Guest

    Re: Different Places, Different Prices

    Pheww... i thought i was the biggest idiot of all time payin like 160 for half an ounce or so (yea i got ripped off, but not as bad as i thought i was gettin) I read these prices and cussed until i saw this post. it's real good Mexicano stuff. i got 1 stem in the whole bag. i bought my first stuff in CA and i was like hitting myself for being such a moron. can anyone educate me for CA weed prices, i'm north near oakland (add surban hike cuz i neva make it into the city.
  10. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    The 350/Z was in Fremont. Not very far from oakland at all.
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  11. GreenLantern

    GreenLantern New Member

    wow, i was the one that started this thread on the old board, and just thought i'd mention what i get.

    US$50 - .oz of pretty decent stuff
    US$160 - QP

    hey redfirebird where in TX you around? email me sometime....
  12. Redwin

    Redwin Guest

    new orleans. (god i love this city)

    swag: $70-$100 per ounce. most common price is $80

    Dank(Kind Bud): $60/eighth and $375-$450/ounce

    its kinda hard to do these comparisons though. prices everywhere fluctuate wildly depending on supply, demand, and quality.

    some of the prices i see people quote form other places make me drool, and some of them make my jaw drop cause they pay so much. it all depends. I think pricing around here is pretty fair though.

  13. DeltaLima

    DeltaLima New Member

    Nobody reading from Qu├ębec? Heard herb has a really good reputation.
  14. sticky_bud

    sticky_bud Guest

    Well since Ive "became a father" I really dont buy chron anymore....but when I do I get it from one of my bestfriends who also is a "father" but he sells his "babies"(hehe). He has a nice selection of NL#5,Rhino,C99,UW,and he sometimes sells me his chemo:D:D THe prices go as follows: 10 sack-5 gms 20 sack-10 gms Ounce(28.4gms)-45 I dont usually buy more than ounce but I belive QPs(for me) are 150 and he said a pound would be 500. He hooks me up PHAT! Its prolly cause Ive know the guy most of my life:) Very easy having your dealer next door:D:)
  15. Pages

    Pages New Member

    Oh... I'm bummed out now...

    Here in Juneau, Alaska the prices are usually about 20-25 for a gram, 60-65 for 3.5, 120-125 for a 7 gram quarter 0, and 420 for an ounce. Lame, eh? If I start selling to my buds again I could get it cheaper, and I might just do that since street prices are so ****ed-up
  16. huntcc02

    huntcc02 New Member

    holy crap!! I haven't heard of these kinds of prices except in jamaica!!!! Around here, its 200 an ounce. Very strict on that. Whether good or bad bud, always 200 an ounce. I have been to about 15 dealers, and once I found it for 100 an ounce, but thats really poopy bud. I live in southeastern michigan by the way. Everyone gets their stuff from detroit. Most of the dealers I know filter down to 2 dealers in detroit. Pretty standard prices otherwise, 50 for a quarter, 100 for a half, then 400 for qp. There was this one bud I bought, and I don't know what kind it was, but WOW!! It was a huge bud, about quarter ounce or so, cost me 100 bucks. But one hit and you were out. It was very dark green, with crystals, and red and white hairs in it. It was crazy!!
  17. Pages

    Pages New Member

    It's not all bad...

    At least we get good weed here. Sometimes it's great! Even **** weed here is covered in sweet sweet crystals and bright orange to red hairs.
  18. redfirebird

    redfirebird Guest

    GreenLantern - I'm out in west texas, where you at?
  19. death

    death Guest

    for commercial
    it depends on the person but I usually get about 4-5 grams for 20$. that's not to bad is it?
    OZ. is about 80-100$
  20. dope king

    dope king Guest

    california prices

    right now i am currently smoking some nice fluffy mid-grades.

    shwag(mex. weed/headache)
    $10 = 2 grams
    $20 = 5 grams
    $35 = Half Oz.
    $50 = Oz.

    mid-grades(fluffy/crystals/bright green)
    $10 = gram
    $20 = 2 grams
    $30 = 1/8th
    $200 = Oz.

    humboldt/nother lights/tha crack/chronic/doja(all i buy usually, darker green/purple tints/orange hairs for days/crystals)

    $20 = gram
    $40 = 2 grams
    $60 = 1/8th
    $100 = Quarter Oz.
    $180 = Half Oz.
    $300+ = Oz.
    $2,500 = QP

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